Yanmar Tractors: YT347 vs. YT359

YT359_ROPS_NAKED_34_Flat_CMYK_2The YT347 and YT359 are both designed to work on large areas of land with plenty of power, plenty of attachment capability, and plenty of design features for comfort and consistent performance. What’s the difference between these two tractors, and which one is right for you?


The YT347 uses a 4TNV88C diesel engine that produces 46 hp at 2,800 RPM.

The YT359 uses a 58.9 hp 4TNV88C diesel engine. Power for this motor is rated at 2,500 RPM, so it doesn’t have to run as fast as the 347’s motor to provide maximum power.


No surprises here: the YT347’s smaller engine limits power to the PTO to 39.5 hp, while the YT359 can deliver up to 52 hp. However, when it comes to hydraulic flow rates, the 347 exceeds the 359. The smaller tractor can move up to 10.1 gpm (38.3 l/min) for the PTO and 5.7 gpm (21.7 l/min) for the power steering. The 359 only pumps 9.4 gpm (35.5 l/min) through the PTO hydraulics and 5.3 gpm (20.1 l/min) through the power steering system.


Both models use the same i-HMT hydrostatic transmission with three final drive gear ratios, and they both can reach 18 mph (29 km/h) when equipped with ag tires.

This transmission comes with some clever features to make it easier to use this tractor. AB mode lets you pre-set two top speeds so you can use one top speed during operation to keep a consistent ground speed and then switching to a higher speed for transport. The clutch is operated automatically, letting you switch gear ranges on the fly or come to a complete stop without using a clutch pedal.


Both tractors are 95.7 inches (2,431 mm) tall and 70.6 inches (1,793 mm) wide when equipped with industrial tires, the smallest tire option Yanmar offers. The YT359 is 132.1 inches (3,355 mm) long, while the YT347 is slightly shorter at 130.9 inches (3,325 mm.) The wheelbase of the 347 is longer at 75.9 inches (1,927 mm) compared to the 359’s 77.4 inches (1,967 mm) length.


Both tractors come with a 12.7 gallon (48 liter) fuel tank. Even with its lower running speed, you’ll need to refuel more often with the 359.


With either model, the tractor can exert up to 3,659 ft-lbs. (1,660 kgf) of force when lifting the three point hitch, dropping to 3,086 ft-lbs. (1,400 kgf) when attachments are 24 inches (61 cm) high. The PTO is always live, and a drawbar and four way loader control valve come with both tractors.

The YT347 and YT359 both support the same factory attachments for the front and rear including the B90 backhoe and YL610 front loader.


Both tractors come in ā€œCā€ versions with an enclosed cab, heater, and air conditioner. A side step, tilt steering column, and fingertip throttle control for both forward and reverse come standard on all models.

Which Model Should I Get?

The YT347 and YT359 have a lot in common. They’re very nearly the same size, they have the same load capacity for attachments, they have the same top speed, and they share most of their features from the transmission to the optional cabin.

The decision largely comes down to the hydraulic system. The higher pumping speeds of the YT347 allows attachments to move faster, but the extra power of the YT359 makes it better for moving heavy loads and maintaining pressure when doing difficult work with attachments.

Where To Get Parts and Accessories For Yanmar Tractors

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