Yanmar T80 Tractor

Yanmar T80 Tractor

How do you get a tractor big enough for your needs without having something so big that it breaks up and compresses the soil you’re working on? Yanmar’s T80 tractor delivers the power needed to handle up to 25 acres of land and uses an innovative track system that reduces ground pressure while still handling like a wheeled tractor.

Tracked Performance with the Ease of a Wheeled Vehicle

The T80 is available in a standard configuration using 18-inch wide rubber tracks for a total width of 65 inches, while the narrow version has 11 inch wide tracks for a total width of 52 inches. Although this tractor weighs just over 7,400 lbs. with fluids, the ground pressure is just 3.2 psi for the wide track model and 4.9 psi for the narrow track model. For comparison, the average adult’s footstep exerts 8 psi. This means the T80 can float over mud and soft surface while greatly reducing ground compaction that can cause problems with the growth of grass and crops.

Each track is mounted on a pair of equalizers, each with two rollers. This allows enough flex to keep the track planted when driving over small obstacles. The tracks are made out of rubber with reinforced metal plates and wires, making it tough enough to withstand almost any terrain while still being compliant enough to use on paved roads without damaging the asphalt. As the tracks stretch, they can be tightened by adding grease to the tension cylinders located on the sides of the tractor.

The steering system is built around a pair of planetary gear systems that vary the speed of the tracks independently by using a combination of engine and hydraulic power. When driving in a straight line, both tracks operate at the same speed, eliminating the correction needed with lever-based systems. When turning, the hydraulic motors kick in, increasing or decreasing power to the gears for smooth turns. This makes the T80 handle and steer like a wheeled tractor.


The T80 is powered by a Yanmar 3.3 liter four cylinder turbo diesel that produces 78 hp at 2,600 RPM. It’s paired with an open center PTO that provides up to 66 hp at a running speed of 540 RPM with three ranges. Attachments can be linked to the PTO using a 3 point hitch can support 4,400 lbs. at a height of 24 inches. Up to 1,000 lbs. of ballast can be added to the front end for stability when using heavy attachments. The hitch lift and other hydraulic components are supplied by a 12.6 gpm pump.

Movement is controlled by a hydraulic shuttle transmission has four speeds and three ranges with a top speed of 10 mph for transport. With up to 38 gallons of fuel on board, the T80 can be used for hours between fill-ups.

Comfort Cab

When you have a tractor that can do so much work, you need to be able to use it comfortably all day. Yanmar’s Comfort Cab is designed to provide all weather protection and comfort with a nearly unobscured view.

This starts with a standard heater and air conditioner as well as front and rear wipers. The inside of the cab has a flat floor, an adjustable steering wheel and an adjustable seat with arm rests to make the controls easy to reach for operators of any size while letting them change positions to reduce fatigue. Dual halogen headlamps complete the package, letting the operator see in dark and foggy conditions.

Sourcing Parts

Shank’s Lawn Equipment isn’t just a Yanmar dealer, we’ve been helping everyone from homeowners to professionals with their outdoor equipment for over 30 years, so we can help you find a tractor that will fit your needs. If you’re looking to get a T80 or need to have it serviced, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile east.

Not in the area? We can ship the parts you need to keep your tractor working. To order, visit www.shankslawn.com. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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