Yanmar Snowblower Attachments

Yanmar snowblower attachmentsAre you having trouble finding a snowblower that strikes a good balance between size and power? Walk-behind snowblowers aren’t good for large jobs, while most tractor attachments are either underpowered single-stage units or huge devices built for commercial users with giant tractors. Yanmar fills this gap with their line of two-stage snowblower attachments. While they’re built to work with Yanmar’s SA, YT2, and YT3 series tractors, they’ll work with any small or mid-sized tractor with a compatible hitch and PTO.

Why Should I Choose a Yanmar Snowblower Attachment?

The biggest advantage of these attachments is a clever design that maximizes auger performance and durability. The PTO connects to a gearbox mounted behind the auger housing. It directly drives the chute fan, while a jackshaft connected to a side-mounted chain drive drives the auger. This keeps the drive system out of harm’s way and lets the auger reach the entire length of the housing. Even with the housing’s thick steel sides, each attachment is only a couple inches wider than its total working width.

While other manufacturers use solid augers in their tractor attachments, Yanmar manufactures their augers using two-inch-wide flighting. This reduces weight and helps the auger slice through chunks of snow after the initial cut. The steel fan at the back of the housing breaks up snow even further, pushing fine powder out of the chute. These attachments work effectively at ground speeds ranging from 1.5 and 8 MPH. This gives you the option of crawling through thick snow, reducing the number of passes needed to get the job done.

The auger is mounted on shear bolts that break away when the mechanism gets jammed. Yanmar also uses a shear pin on the driveshaft, so jams don’t damage your tractor’s PTO.

The chute has 270 degrees of rotation. The angle can be adjusted manually using a factory-installed crank. If you want to change snow direction on the go, Yanmar offers hydraulic and electric chute rotators that can be used from the tractor’s operator position. The chute angle is controlled by a 5 position lever mounted on the chute.

The replaceable skids work just like the ones on a walk-behind snowblower. Once the mounting bolts are loose, you can slide the skids up and down to set a minimum height for the auger. That way you can transport the attachment and lower it to the same height every time. The mounting spaces have enough range for everything from skimming off pavement to removing snow on gravel driveways without picking up rocks.

Which Model is Right for My Tractor?

Yanmar makes three snowblower attachments ranging from 54 to 74 inches wide. All three connect to a Cat 3 Driveline and a three-point hitch. They’re also ASABE quick hitch compatible, letting you connect to the attachment by backing up to the mount points and lifting the snowblower as a single unit. If you want to add a quick hitch to your tractor, Yanmar makes an adapter that works with this application. All models are designed to operate with a PTO spinning at 540 RPM.

Depending on your tractor and snowblower model, you may need to add front weights to keep your tractor balanced. With the attachment mounted, at least 20% of the tractor’s weight should be on the front wheels.


Required PTO HP: 15-25
Hitch: Cat 1
Transport width: 56 inches
Working width: 54 inches
Working height: 24 inches
Weight: 415 lbs.
Fan: 22 x 6 inches


Required PTO HP: 15-35
Hitch: Cat 1
Transport width: 66 inches
Working width: 64 inches
Working height: 24 inches
Weight: 436 lbs.
Fan: 22 x 6 inches


Required PTO HP: 30-50
Hitch: Cat 1 and 2
Transport width: 76 inches
Working width: 74 inches
Working height: 26 inches
Weight: 592 lbs.
Fan: 24 x 8 inches

We Have What You Need to Deal With Snow

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