Yanmar Compact Utility LX Series – The Ultimate Multitasker

When it comes to getting some serious landscaping work completed, there is simply no replacement for a compact and powerful lawn tractor. That’s exactly what Yanmar offers in its LX series of compact utility tractors, designed with heavy-duty capacities and easy adaptability so that virtually any task can be completed with ease. The company has focused on making its LX model easy to operate, exceedingly powerful for its class, and able to manage very heavy weight loads that put it in a class by itself. For those looking to buy an all-in-one solution, the Yanmar LX compact utility tractor will certainly fit the bill. 


Features of the Yanmar LX

The three engines that ship with the Yanmar LX series of compact utility tractors are each direct injection diesel engines. That results in greater power, higher efficiency, and lower overall emissions each time the tractor is put to use. That engine can lift thousands of pounds using a front-loader attachment, and offers a smooth ride thanks to a well-tuned drive system and hydraulic steering. Its smooth ride is part of what Yanmar refers to as its Performance Link technology, featuring its own Hydrareverser Transmission.

Specifications: Getting the Job Done in a Powerful Way

The Yanmar LX series of compact utility lawn tractors comes in three distinct models, separated largely by the engine that powers them. The company’s entry-level model, the LX410, comes with a 41.0 horsepower engine rated at 2,700 RPM. The next model in the line, the company’s 45-horsepower LX450, comes with the same bore & stroke, RPM, and displacement ratings as its lower-end counterpart. At the high end, Yanmar offers its LX490 Turbo model. It’s easily the most powerful, with horsepower rated at 48.5.  The engine is capable of 2,600 RPM, a bore & stroke rating of 84 x 90 mm, and total displacement of 121.7 cubic inches.

Three point hitch lift capacity is over 2,700 pounds. Front End Loader lift capacities exceed 2400 lbs.. An 11.9-gallon fuel tank is included standard with all three models and, thanks to greatly improved efficiency and lowered emissions, the LX series will require far fewer fill-ups than competing brands.

The tractor itself comes with a 2-year, 2,000-hour warranty. The engine and drivetrain are accompanied by a slightly more robust warranty lasting either 5 years or 5,000 hours of use in typical landscaping work.

Accessories to Enhance the Capabilities of the LX Series

Yanmar’s LX series of utility tractors is characterized by its wide number of attachments and extensions. While the model is most commonly associated with its front-end loader, this is only a small part of the story. A capable snow blower attachment is available, turning the LX into a great tool for colder climates. A rear finishing mower, as well as a mid-mount mower, can also be purchased for less demanding landscape needs. So, too, can a rear blade assembly and a backhoe. A hard cab attachment can be purchased as well, offering the operator increased security during particularly challenging landscaping jobs that might result in projectile objects or debris.

All told, the Yanmar LX series of compact utility tractors is able to meet the demands of virtually any job, able to take on anything from clearing snow and mowing grass to moving large rocks or other objects. With its focus on a smooth ride and the ability to add a safety cab to the mix, operators will be safe from the pitfalls of especially tough conditions.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment: A good lawn tractor is only as good as the supplier who can provide parts and offer the appropriate attachments or accessories for it. Shank’s Lawn Equipment is just such a dealer, offering a wide number of parts, attachments, and accessories, for the Yanmar LX series. Best of all, the company’s online presence actually allows new customers to proceed through the buying process all on their own, as the parts lookup tool does the hard work that a salesperson would typically find themselves performing for the customer.

With a few simple drop-down menus and input options, customers can search for the Yanmar tractor that they require, and they can narrow down the parts, accessories, and attachments, based on the specific model number they own or plan to own. It’s a commitment to customer service that can’t be found at very many competing dealers, and it’s what sets Shank’s Lawn Equipment, and the Yanmar brand itself, apart from the rest.

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