Yanmar Compact EX 2900 Series Overview

The Yanmar EX series models combine durability and dependability with power that is unparalleled. These compact tractors are designed for industrial, agricultural, or turf use. The engine and transmission are so synchronized because they are designed to be compatible with each other, leading to a more efficient power transfer. The utility tractor’s expressly-designed direct injection system conserves fuel but does not compromise power.


The EX 2900 features a 28.7 and 32 horsepower direct-injection diesel engine. While its competitors continue offering two-range hydro’s, Yanmar boasts a powerful 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel with a three-range hydrostatic transmission. A larger flywheel reduces noise and vibration and the multiple range transmission options provide efficiency. The low range accommodates loader operations. The mid-range is best-suited for mowing. The high range is reserved for travelling. The combination of engine and transmission provides maximum power-to-ground speed. Due to the Continuous Live PTO feature, no clutching is needed to engage the transmission, although it is required to take off.

Yanma’s EX 2900 does not have the more common treadle pedal. Rather, it has a hydro twin pedal, and wet multi-disc brakes, that is more comfortable for operators regardless of height (accommodates 5’7” to 6’2”).

Tight turning spaces are no problem for the EX models. The optimum hydraulic power steering feature provides a consistently smooth control over uneven ground. Other EX 2900 compact utility tractor features include a selectable 4WD with differential lock and (total) 9.9 GPM dual hydraulic pumps. Folding roll-over protection structures (ROPS), cast-iron chassis, flip-up PTO shield and a positive position three-point control are additional highlights of the EX models.


The utility tractors average 2,500 pounds overall weight with ROPS, and a ground clearance of approximately 10 inches. Overall tractor dimensions include a 61-inch wheelbase, 59.1-inch overall width, and 109.5-inch overall length excluding the 3-point hitch.

EX compact tractor models underscore the manufacturer rated 28.7 HP (21.4 kW) gross diesel horsepower and PTO (Hyd) 2207 (16.9 kW) horsepower at 2600 RPM. The liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder, 100.2 cubic inch (1.64 liter) engine has an 88 X 90 mm bore and stroke. EX models have direct-injection ignitions, dual dry air cleaners, and a 7-fin radiator fan.

Engine capacity specifications include a 6.3 gallon (23.8 liter) fuel tank and 4.7 quart (4.4 liter) cooling system. The transmission case holds 5.4 gallons (20.4 liters) and the engine requires 4.2 quarts of oil.

Drive train specs include a 2WD or 4WD, 3-range hydrostatic transmission with a dry single clutch and foot pedal operated rear differential lock. EX models have a bevel gear and wet disc brake system. The continuous live PTO rear RPM is 540/2,592 and mid RPM is 2,100/2,630.

All EX tractor models have full hydraulic power steering. They are open center with gear pump and a standard 4-way loader control hydraulic valve.

EX 2900 series tractors have a maximum forward and reverse speed up to 13.2 mph, a mid range forward and reverse speed of 6.9 mph, and a low-range forward/reverse speed of 4.0 mph. Tire size for industrial use is 25″ x 8.5″ – 14″ front and 15″ – 19.5″ rear. Tire size for agricultural use is 7″ – 14″ front and 11.2″ – 24″. Tire size for mowing or turf tractors is 25″ x 8.5″ – 14″ and 13.6″ – 16″ rear.


EX 2900 compact utility tractors offer a variety of accessories.

CL300 Loader attachments have a curved structural steel boom and one-piece beam structural steel torque beam with a heavy-duty 5 cubic foot reinforced bucket and QuickAttach™ system.

Single Power Beyond kit powers the CB75 Backhoe attachment that has a curved boom, dual-swing cylinders for more precise control and backfill power for backfilling. The QuickAttach™ system allows nearly effortless two-pin installation.

The MM60RS 60″ Mid-Mount Mower has an 11-gauge reinforced, stamped deck edge, cast-aluminum gearbox housing and tapered bearings. The QuickAttach™ system permits quick J-pin deck installation/removal. The FM60/FM72 Rear Finishing Mowers features a 10-gauge deck housing and reinforcement plate.

The ½-inch steel RB72 72” Rear Blade is a welded two 4-inch x 4-inch steel beam with reinforced 1/4-inch thick wall. It has a 5/8-inch steel rotation plate and five each forward and reverse positions.

The A-frame LR60/LR72 Landscape Rakes is ¼-inch welded to a durable beam, and has a steel rotation plate. It has five each forward and reverse positions.

The heavy-duty PHD200 Post Hole Digger has a 2-7/8-inch x 1/4-inch walled boom construction and 2-3/8-inch x 1/4-inch wall yoke for extra strength in all soil conditions.

Yanmar products are built to last and the EX 2900 Series Compact Tractor is no exception. The right parts and maintenance can make sure your machine continues to deliver when needed. OEM Parts are easily ordered online at www.shankslawn.com. The parts lookup application ensures easy location of replacement parts.

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