Yanmar Bull and Longhorn UTVs


UTVs have become indispensable tools in farming and industry, so it seems natural that Yanmar has entered the market, partnering with Yamaha to build the Bull Series. How do these new side-by-sides fit the needs of their tractor customers?

Performance with an Eye Toward Reliability

The Bull Series UTVs use a liquid-cooled, fuel injected 686cc gasoline engine with a four valve head design for high efficiency and reliability: Yanmar says owners can expect a 30% improvement in fuel economy when compared to air-cooled two valve engines. This motor is paired with a CVT designed to maintain constant tension on the V-belt for reduced wear. It has low and high final drive ratios and sends power through a three-way locking differential. The system can operate in two wheel drive and four wheel drive modes, as well as four wheel drive with locked differentials for climbing extremely difficult terrain. Unlike most CVTs on the market, this transmission provides engine braking for descents in all drive modes. The axles are connected to the transmission using shafts for reduced maintenance.

While most UTVs place the rear axle somewhere below the center of the cargo box, the axles on both the Bull and Longhorn are at the ends of the vehicle, giving them a longer wheelbase for increased comfort and better approach angles. They also come with skid plates across the frame protect sensitive components. Both axles are fully independent, improving ride and traction.

Cargo and Towing

At the rear of the UTV, there’s a reinforced 14 cubic foot steel bed with mounting points on the rails and four tie down hooks to secure whatever you’re carrying. The bed can carry up to 600 lbs. and has handles on both the driver and passenger side to unlatch the front for dumping. A pair of lift assists makes it easy to tip the box, even when fully loaded. For bigger loads, a two-inch receiver hitch lets this vehicle tow trailers weighing up to 1,500 lbs.


Electric power steering is standard, varying assist depending on speed to keep steering effort steady at any speed for better control. An LCD screen provides all the information the driver needs thanks to its built-in speedometer, clock, gear indicator, fuel gauge and two trip meters.

Each passenger has their own seat and their own cup holder, while under seat storage makes it easy to keep tools on hand. The ROPS comes with a roof, while half height doors with automotive-style latches deflect most of the dirt and mud kicked up by the tires.

Bull and Longhorn: Compact Utility or Maximum Crew Space

The Bull Series is offered in two models: the YU700G Bull and the YU700GMP Longhorn. The Bull carries up to three passengers, while the Longhorn has room for 6 people. The Longhorn’s rear center seat is slightly offset from the front, giving the passenger a better view.
Ground clearance for the Bull is 11.8 inches, keeping sensitive mechanical components safe from rocks, logs, and other hazards. The Longhorn’s clearance is slightly lower at 11.4 inches.


Getting the best use out of a side-by-side is a matter of outfitting it with accessories to fit your work environment, and Yanmar has gone out of their way to make sure you can build a vehicle that will fit your needs.

Need to operate in harsh weather? Add a full cabin, a windshield, some wipers or a set of soft doors. For working in the winter, there’s a heater and heated seat covers, and for mud and rough terrain, brush guards, and extended fenders can be added.

Want better off-road performance? The Fox 2.0 Podium shock kit adds adjustability to both rebound and ride height while fitting into the stock mounts without modification.

To protect your gear, there are mounts for bows, guns, and chainsaws, while a cargo cover ensures loose materials like sand stay in the cargo bed.

Up front, a hitch receiver can be added for pulling trailers out of awkward spaces, or it can be used to mount a Warn Provantage winch rated at either 3,000 or 3,500 lbs. This hitch and winch can be paired with a snow plow.

Want to listen to music while you work? Yanmar offers a self-contained all weather audio system with the option of adding extra speakers and subwoofer.

When You Think “Yanmar,” Think “Shank’s”

Want to add a Bull or a Longhorn to your fleet? Own one already and need parts or service? Visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re not just a Yanmar dealer, we’ve been helping customers with their outdoor equipment for over 30 years so we can help you outfit your UTV to fit your needs. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, just off Route 11 near Marion.

Not in the area? We ship parts and accessories for Yanmars and most other major equipment brands across the US. and Canada. To order, visit www.shankslawn.com.


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