Wright Zero-Turn Mowers: Mid-Mount Z Vs. Sport RH/X

wright-z-3-4-right2If you’re shopping for a zero-turn mower, there are dozens of options to choose from. The Wright brand of mowers has a long history of delivering quality equipment for commercial grade jobs. Both the Wright Mid-Mount Z and the Sport RH/X models are competitive in their class and offer the support you need to get the job done right. Here’s what you need to know before you go shopping.


The Wright Mid-Mount Z and the Sport RH/X are similar in size. All of these models come with optional 48″, 52″, or 61″ decks. However, the Sport RH & X models are designed for more flexibility on the ground and have a smaller profile than the Mid-Mount Z. The narrower body of the Sport models make them easier to get onto a trailer. Even so, the Mid-Mount Z is roughly 3″ shorter than a standard mid-mount mower, so it can navigate corners deftly and offers better control on uneven surfaces.


In terms of speed and functionality, both the Mid-Mount Z and the Sport RH & X have plenty to offer. The Mid-Mount Z is available with your choice of either a 25.5 or 27 HP Kawasaki engine. They are credited with being lighter and faster than other mid-mount mowers on the market. On the other hand, the Sport models come with 22, 23.5, and 24.2 HP engines. Again, these mowers are smaller than the mid-mount alternative and can get by with smaller engines with minimal loss to their speed and power. In addition, the rear wheels of the Mid-Mount Z are capable of forward and backward movement to retain stability during debris collection and when moving across uneven surfaces.


Perhaps the biggest difference between the Write Mid-Mount Z and the Sport RH & X is the way the driver sits. The Mid-Mount Z features a typical seat located over the engine. Wright did a good job of placing the center of gravity lower on this mower than other mid-mount options, keeping it safe and secure while you’re driving. On the other hand, the Sport RH & X feature a saddle style seat that is mounted behind the engine. The benefit of the spring-loaded saddle seat is that you can either sit or stand as you mow. This makes it possible to reduce the footprint of your mower when necessary to make it through tight places. It also gives you the ability to stretch your legs and reduces fatigue as you mow.


While both the Wright Mid-Mount Z and the Sport RH & X models are billed as commercial grade equipment, they do serve somewhat different purposes. The Mid-Mount Z is a great tool for taking care of large open areas quickly. On the other hand, the Sport RH & X are better suited to properties that have a lot of landscaping or require movement through tight corners. They are both light on their wheels and will protect your turf from damage when used properly.

Wright’s lineup of mid-mount mowers and sport models shows that they have given significant thought to the needs of their customers. Each of these mowers is designed to meet a specific set of circumstances in the lawn care industry. The heftier Mid-Mount Z is perfect for open spaces, while the Sport will make quick work of complex landscapes. Both of them offer enough versatility and functionality to make them an important part of your team.

Where to Find Parts and Service

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