Wright Walk-Behind Mowers Overview

Velke_Gear_DriveIf you’re in the market for a quality walk-behind mower, the Wright family of lawn care equipment has plenty to offer. Their walk-behind mowers come with several different size and equipment options to make your job easier and take less time. When you get behind a Wright mower you know that you are getting a dependable mower that will outlast the competition and leave your lawns looking great.

The Wright Velke Gear Drive

One of the most affordable gear drive walk-behind mowers on the market, the Wright Velke gear drive comes in 32, 36, and 48-inch models. It is both lightweight and compact, making it easy to maneuver and transport. It features dual belts to deliver consistent torque to the large wheels. It is known for being particularly gentle on turf due to its small footprint and light weight.

All of the Wright Gear Drive mowers come with a 15 HP engine and a five-speed transmission with reverse, so you can navigate the landscape easily and with plenty of power. The simplified user controls also make it easy for anyone to use these mowers without worry.

The Wright Velke Hydro

The Wright Velke Hydro is a step up from the standard gear driven models. While it maintains the same lightweight stature and small footprint, it also comes with streamlined functionality and more power. You can purchase a Wright Hydro walk-behind mower in all of the same sizes as the gear driven Velke plus a 52″ model. In addition, the Hydro comes with your choice of a 15 HP engine or an 18.5 HP engine. This extra little bit of power is useful when powering up the hydraulic controls. The Hydro also has the largest tires of any fixed deck walk-behind mower on the market, making it gentle on turf and easier to handle.

The Hydro features upgraded pistol grip controls for added comfort. All controls are managed through a soft touch hydraulic system which is easier on you during long days of heavy mowing. The switch to hydraulic controls also means that there are less mechanical components used to make your mower work, reducing the risk of failure and further improving the reliability of these Wright mowers. All around, the Wright Hydro is a walk in the park compared to other mowers in this class.

The team of engineers and designers at Wright have spent countless hours perfecting these two walk-behind mowers. Both the Wright Gear Drive and the Hydro offer outstanding performance and dependability in a conveniently small form factor. Their selection of sizes and features make them a great choice for beginners and advanced mowers alike. When you bring home a Wright mower, you know you are getting industry leading technology that will serve you for many seasons to come.

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