Wright Velke Walk-Behind Mower: Is it the Right Size for Your Mowing Jobs?

Sometimes, a ZTR can’t go where you need it, and a walk-behind mower takes too long to get the job done. If you want something that replaces both mowers, maybe you should look into a wide area walk behind mower. Add a sulky, and they become stander mowers. Leave it off, and you can get into tight quarters, while still having the cutting power of a riding mower. This makes them ideal for difficult, obstacle-filled lawns. With the new Wright Velke series, you can get Wright’s superb decks and useful features in a standing ZTR.


All versions of the Velke come with a Kawasaki FS600E rated at 18.5 HP. This powers a drive system that uses Danfoss 12 cubic inch motors paired with Hydro-Gear 10cc pumps. Top speed moving forward is 6.5 MPH forward, while reverse tops out at 2.5 MPH. The 5.5 gallon fuel tank is more than enough to keep the engine running over a full day of work.


The Velke uses Wright’s Aero Core decks. These are constructed decks built using 7 gauge sheets of steel, yet they’re just ½-1 inch wider than the total cutting width. The spindles, pulleys and belts are accessed from the top of the deck for easy maintenance. Deck height is adjusted by setting pins in a pair of adjustment rods at the front of the deck. While height can’t be adjusted from the operator’s position, this makes it easy to get the right deck position every time. Cutting height ranges from 1 ½ to 4 ¼ inches.
Wright estimates the 36 inch deck can mow about 2 1/3 acres per hour, while the 48 inch deck can cover 3.15 acres per hour.


The controls are rubber-mounted to limit the transfer of vibration to the operator. The control rods connect directly to the pump arms, reducing slop that can make maneuvers around obstacles a challenge.
Thanks to 9 x 3.5 inch front tires and 8 x 7.5 inch rear tires, the weight of this machine is spread out over a wide contact patch. This minimizes turf damage, while maintaining traction on wet surfaces. The 36 inch deck Velke is just 75 inches long, while the 48 inch deck version is slightly shorter at 74 inches long. That’s a full foot shorter than a comparable mid-deck ZTR.
Want to turn the Velke into a stander mower? There’s an integrated, spring-loaded sulky latch that lets you hook up and remove a chariot when you need it without any tools.

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