Wright Standing Mowers Overview

stander-3-4-right-jpgWalk-behind mowers are easy to maneuver on steep terrain and easy to step away from when you need to pick up branches and other debris. Riding mowers have large decks and fast propulsion systems, letting them cover ground quickly. What if you want the advantages of both? Wright’s Stander mowers are built to combine the best features of riding and walk behind mowers to create a device that has advantages going beyond either design.

What is a Stander?

Wright’s Stander mowers are built like a mid-deck ZTR mower, but instead of having a seat over the deck, there’s a platform over the rear for the operator to stand. This shift in position puts the engine directly over the deck instead of behind the rear wheels for a more compact package. Recessed caster wheels in front of the deck make the footprint even smaller, providing all the power of a riding mower with far less length: the largest model equipped with a 72 inch deck is just 71 inches long.

The operator stands on a floating platform attached with rubber mounts that absorb bumps. This platform sits between the rear wheels, giving a clear view around the entire deck. This is also the point of rotation when making turns, allowing the operator to make fast turns without being thrown around like they are when sitting in the middle of the mower.

The control system puts everything within close reach. Each hydraulic drive motor is controlled by a pair of linked handles: just move the one that’s most convenient to adjust the speed of the mower. In between these there’s a grab handle, while the mowing height control, blade clutch, and ignition are directly beneath it. The wet disc brakes are locked and unlocked from a handle to the right of the control center, while the height can be adjusted with a lever on the left side. Need to go over a curb? The deck can be lifted high while in motion, then lowered to start mowing again.

With all the weight placed low and at the center of the Stander, it’s stable on hills, while a set of anti-tip wheels on the rear prevent the mower from flipping up onto the operator. This lets it handle slopes without needing a ROPS. The operator can adjust his or her position to keep the mower stable and step away in an unsafe situation. The blade clutch disengages automatically if weight is taken off of the platform, so you can stop to pick up debris and hop back on to resume mowing.

Wright offers the Stander with decks ranging from 32 to 61 inches wide with power from engines ranging from 15 to 24 hp. With sealed bearings all around, the only regular maintenance required during the mowing season is blade sharpening and engine servicing. Wright covers these mowers with a two year warranty for both parts and labor.

Stander Models


Available with a choice of 36, 42, 48, and 52 inch decks paired with a 15, 18.5, 19, 22, or 23.5 hp Kawasaki FX engine.


Also called the Intensity, this mower is available in 36, 48, and 52 inch deck sizes powered by an 18.5, 19, 20.2, 22, or 22.1 hp Kawasaki FX or Kohler Confidant engine. While other models use a floating deck, this model has a fixed deck to keep weight low.


Available with 48, 52, and 61 inch decks and powered by a 22 or 23.5 hp Kawasaki FX, 24.2 hp Kohler Command Pro EFI, or 24 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine.


The largest Stander, this mower is available with 52, 61, and 72 inch decks and a 25, 27, or 29 hp Kawasaki FX or Kohler Command Pro EFI.

Getting Parts for Your Wright Stander

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Wright Manufacturing, Kawasaki Engines, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler, making us your one stop shop for everything on your Stander. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Route 11, or you can get here from I-81 by taking Exit 10 to Marion.

Not in the area? Visit us on the web at www.shankslawn.com. We can ship the parts or accessories you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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