Wright Stander ZK Mower Overview

Wright Stander ZKCommercial landscapers demand power, portability, and dependability when they purchase a new lawn mower, and the Wright Stander ZK is a great model that certainly fits the bill. This stand-on mower offers large deck sizes, which are actually on par with riding mower models, yet it offers an overall footprint compact enough to make it practical for effortless storage in a landscaping trailer when it must be transported between jobs. This combination of compact design and powerful features has long attracted commercial buyers to the Wright Stander series, and the ZK model is sure to be a hit among those professionals who need a larger deck size for maintenance of much larger, open areas around homes, sports stadiums, parks, and more.

Features and Benefits: The Wright Stander ZK is an Impressive Machine

Wright’s Stander ZK stand-on mower was specifically designed for use in commercial landscaping applications. As a result, its features are oriented toward professional and consistent mowing results that appeal to municipal, commercial, and high-end residential customers. That consistency begins with the company’s unique Aero Core Deck cutting system. This system, found in the Stander ZK and numerous other Stander models, leverages a unique system of airflow through the cutting deck that actually stands grass tall and cuts it to a consistent height. The system also provides for effortless mulching, bagging, or discharge of clippings as needed and shies away from significant clogs that might cause maintenance headaches throughout the summer.

Beyond its Aero Core Deck, the Wright Stander ZK comes with several enhancements that just aren’t found on other Stander models. This includes the mower’s independent, left and right hydro pump systems, which give the equipment greater control and traction on challenging terrain. A low center of gravity is paired with a larger operator platform, permitting a more comfortable standing position and easier balance on steeper grades. The mower comes with a larger fuel tank than other Stander models, though this fuel tank is necessary to power the larger engines paired with this mower.

Wright’s Stander ZK mower is a zero-turn model for maximum maneuverability and overall precision when mowing. To help ensure that the mower can get into tough areas around the home, the company specifically designed this model to be narrower in width than competing zero-turn, stand-on mowers. This makes for an easier time when mowing around flowerbeds, trees, the exterior walls of a building, walkways and driveways, and other common obstacles that might stand in the way of a wider zero-turn mower.

Technical Specifications Reveal an Impressive Commercial Mower

Wright Stander ZK mowers can be purchased with one of two deck sizes. Entry-level models come with a 52-inch cutting deck that easily handles most commercial landscaping needs. An upgraded model, designed for larger outdoor areas like sports fields and municipal parks, features a 61-inch deck that will get the job done even more quickly. To power these large mowers, Wright offers three powerful engines that are all made by Kawasaki. By default, the 51-inch Stander ZK comes with Kawasaki’s 25.5-horsepower engine. Customers can optionally upgrade the engine to 27 or 29-horsepower as needed. The 61-inch Stander ZK comes with the same 25.5-horsepower engine and allows an upgrade to the same two engines as required.

Because Wright understands the need for small adjustments when producing professional results, the company has made it possible to adjust the cutting deck’s height in quarter-inch increments. The deck can cut turf as low as 1.5 inches, with deck adjustment that’s capable of raising the cutting height to a maximum of 5.5 inches. This wide range of cutting heights allows the mower to perform well in dry environments due to the longer 5.5-inch length permitted by the cutting deck. Shorter cuts are perfect for sports fields and residential environments, and the 1.5-inch limit of the cutting deck will produce excellent results in these cases.

Because productivity is the name of the game for commercial landscapers, the Wright Stander ZK was equipped with particularly fast transport speeds. At top speed, the equipment can travel forward at 12.5 miles per hour. The mower can travel at up to 7 miles per hour in reverse. Both of these speeds can be adjusted on the fly using control levers that are installed in front of the operator platform. While the mower speeds along, a 17.5-gallon fuel tank helps to ensure minimal interruption during even the longest lawn care jobs. The mower requires unleaded gasoline with a low ethanol rating. All three of its available engines will “sip” gasoline efficiently for maximum longevity.

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