Wright Stander X Mower

Wright Stander X MowerStand-on mowers are a popular choice for some homeowners and many commercial landscapers, since they offer the deck size of a riding mower with the compact footprint of a walk-behind model. The Wright Stander X is a commercial model designed to handle steep grades, uneven terrain, and longer mowing tasks in larger open areas, thanks to its low center of gravity and powerful engine. Available in a number of impressively large cutting deck sizes, the Wright Stander X is nonetheless compact enough to fit into a standard equipment trailer, easily sitting alongside larger pieces of equipment necessary for a comprehensive approach to commercial landscaping. For commercial customers considering this model, there are a few important features and specifications to keep in mind.

Mower Features: Benefits of the Wright Stander X Mower

Because the Wright Stander X is primarily used for commercial landscaping jobs, the mower has been finely tuned to provide the most precise and consistent cut on the market. This tuning starts with the mower’s Aero Core deck technology. The Aero Core system involves leveraging airflow as the mower passes over the turf, standing the grass up and ensuring that it receives a uniform cut from the two-blade or three-blade system installed within the deck housing. The Aero Core deck also features an anti-clumping system that keeps debris from clogging the discharge outlets. This feature makes it easier to mow continuously, even over damp grass or uneven terrain, without the mower’s engine losing power and without the mower’s blades providing inconsistent results.

Aero Core technology is not the only way that the Stander X has been greatly refined for commercial use. The mower also comes with a lower overall center of gravity as compared to other stand-on models currently available. This lower center of gravity means that the Stander X can mow steeper hills without risking tipping or rolling over, protecting operator safety and guarding against significant equipment damage. The low profile of the mower also makes it easier and less jarring to use when it passes over uneven terrain.

The premium materials used on the Stander X’s operator platform further enhance operator comfort. The platform shifts subtly to accommodate hills or other changes in the landscape, and prevents the transmission of engine noise and vibrations to the operator through the use of soft, absorbent rubber materials. The result is a mower that causes less fatigue during extended mowing, and provides greater balance and peace of mind during every outing. With its intuitive operator controls, easy deck adjustment, and three different deck sizes, the Wright Stander X also makes it easier for operators to change their course, speed, and deck height, with just a few, basic levers.

Power and Performance: A Look at the Technical Specifications

The key to the Stander X’s use in commercial landscaping applications is its large number of options. Commercial buyers can choose from one of three deck sizes, which allows the buyer to choose a mower that is as compact or as large as needed. The entry-level deck sizes measures 48 inches, while upgraded decks include 52-inch and 61-inch options. Deck sizes are an important way to craft the perfect commercial mower, especially for those landscapers who will be handling larger open areas, but they’re not the only point of customization for the Wright Stander X. Engines can also be changed to provide increased power as required.

The 48-inch cutting deck can only be paired with a 22-horsepower Kawasaki engine, but this lack of choice is not typical among the broader Stander X lineup. When customers choose the 52-inch deck, they also gain access to three different engines. The standard engine for this deck size is the 22-horsepower Kawasaki engine, though a 23.5-horsepower model can be selected instead. Wright also offers a 24.2-horsepower Kohler EFI engine or a 24-horsepower Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine. For customers considering the 61-inch model, Wright offers a choice between the 23.5-horsepower Kawasaki engine or the upgraded, 24.2-horsepower Kohler EFI mentioned earlier.

All engines and cutting decks allow for quarter-inch adjustment of the deck height, ranging from a 5-inch cutting height to one as low as 1.5 inches. The mower comes with an electric starter, three blades, a choice between mulching and side-discharge modes, and a 5.5-gallon fuel capacity for extended longevity. These specifications make the Stander X a natural fit for most commercial mowing jobs.

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