Wright Stander Sport X Mower

Wright Stander Sport X Lawn MowerThere’s lots of competition when it comes to large, commercial-grade mowers, but Wright stands out as one of the most unique and innovative companies serving this group of buyers. The company’s Wright Stander Sport X mower is a typical example of why Wright holds this reputation. A quick look at the mower’s design reveals that it’s certainly a stand-on model, but it doesn’t have to be. A unique saddle design allows operators to use the mower in the way that they feel is most comfortable and productive. Further enhancements make this model more powerful on the job, more precise when cutting and storing grass, and more efficient for longer mowing jobs typical of a commercial environment.

A Look at Wright Stander Sport X Mower Features

The most noticeable feature of Wright’s Stander Sport X mower is its seat. This isn’t commonly an area of differentiation among models or manufacturers, but the Stander Sport X comes with a seat sporting a saddle design. Though unconventional, this seat proves to be a significant improvement for operators who need a versatile mower. Thanks to its position at the back of the mower, behind the engine and slightly above the cutting deck, the seat allows for easy transition between seated or standing mower operation. It also makes for easier debris cleanup or removal while mowing.

The seat is pared with Wright’s Operator Balance Control feature, or OBC. The inclusion of OBC allows for dynamic changes to the operator’s weight and balance, allowing them to adjust for steep grades or uneven terrain. This allows the mower to work in tough environments that lesser commercial models would be unable to manage. When combined with the ability to sit or stand while the mower is engaged, the Operator Balance Control further enhances the Stander Sport X’s versatility.

The mower comes with other features designed specifically to make commercial landscaping a bit easier. These features include the ability to dynamically adjust the deck height using wright’s QuickAdjust deck positioning system. They also include a small footprint compatible with most landscaping trailers, and the Aero Core deck that makes retention of clippings a bit more efficient than models from other manufacturers. Combined, these small additions to the mower make it easier to use and more productive for commercial contractors.

Technical Specifications Reveal a Powerful Wright Mower

The Stander Sport X comes with a choice of three deck sizes, making it easier to pick a mower that will get the job done in any large, commercial setting. Entry-level buyer will likely choose the company’s more compact, 48-inch model. Those buyers needing more land coverage with each pass will be drawn to either the midrange cutting deck, at 52 inches, or the company’s high-end, 61-inch cutting deck. All three models feature Aero Core technology and compatibility with the QuickAdjust deck positioning system.

Along with its three different deck sizes, Wright has made this mower available with one of three different engines. With that said, it’s worth noting that not all engines are available with every deck size. The 48-inch deck can only be paired with a 22-horsepower Kawasaki engine. The midrange model, with a 52-inch cutting deck, can be purchased with a 22-horsepower or 23.5-horsepower Kawasaki engines. A high-end, 24-horsepower Kawasaki EFI engine is also available. Wright’s 61-inch model can be powered by either the Kawasaki EFI engine or the 23.5-horsepower Kawasaki model mentioned earlier.

In addition to its three cutting decks and three available engines, the Wright Stander Sport X is a fast mower no matter which direction it’s traveling. The equipment has a maximum forward speed of 9.5 miles per hour. When put into reverse, the mower can travel at up to 5.5 miles per hour. Both speeds are impressive, and they compare favorably to other commercial models on the market. Like many of its competitors, the mower also uses a three-blade cutting system for maximum precision and professional results with every pass over the turf.

Extend the Stander Sport X with a Few Accessories

Wright mowers come with a long list of excellent features for commercial landscaping, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few additions that will make each model even more attractive to new buyers. For this reason, Wright has made a few excellent accessories available for those who own the Stander series. From tow-behind operator platforms and dollies to enhanced grass collection systems, it’s a good idea to check out each accessory the company has worked so hard to engineer for its Stander series of commercial mowers.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Can Help with New Mowers and Parts

Whether it’s a new Wright mower or a few replacement parts for an older model, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has what commercial landscapers need. Online, ShanksLawn.com offers a parts search tool that can narrow down OEM replacements by their part number, the mower’s model number, or the included engine type. Offline, the Shank’s Lawn Equipment location in Chambersburg, PA, can help customers find the Wright mower and accessories they need to make lawn maintenance easier.

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