Wright Stander Sport RH Mower

Wright StanderWright Stander mowers have long set the standard for powerful, stand-on designs that can adapt to either residential or commercial applications. The company’s Stander RH model enhances how adaptable the mower is to changing conditions in a larger outdoor area. Rapid adjustment of deck height, which serves as this model’s biggest added feature, allows operators to accommodate uneven terrain, changing demands for turf height, and other considerations that might require rapid, intricate adjustment of cutting deck height while continuously mowing one outdoor area. The mower’s other features, including its variety of large deck sizes and powerful engines, further enhance its utility for finely tuned, residential or commercial mowing needs.

Selling Points: The Biggest Stander Sport RH Features

The first feature that most prospective buyers will notice is the Stander RH’s unique seat design. Unlike virtually every other stand-on mower, this model comes with a “saddle” seat design that sits behind the engine. This seat is touted by Wright as an optional feature for the mower. Operators can choose to sit while they mow, or they can simply hop off the mower and stand behind the seat as the mower covers the turf. This design goes beyond merely turning the Stander RH into a “hybrid” stand-on mower. Wright notes that the saddle design allows operators to sit or stand as needed on steep grades, helping the equipment cover more challenging terrains by altering the center of gravity. The seat also allows operators to quickly leave the mower, move debris out of the way, and hop back on as they continue mowing the lawn.

Another key feature of this model is its use of Wright’s Aero Core Deck design. The Aero Core Deck stands grass tall, allowing for a precise and uniform cut all across the lawn. The deck also ensures that all clippings, if desired, are funneled into an accompanying grass bag with greater accuracy than competing decks. Tapered deck and blade surfaces further enhance airflow and allow for precise turf management no matter the deck size.

The Stander is commonly used in both commercial and residential settings, largely based on how large the deck size is and how much power is contained under the hood. To accommodate both groups, Wright made the Stander RH highly compact. This allows the mower to fit into small garages and tool sheds, but it also makes the mower far easier to fit in a landscaping trailer when the equipment has to be hauled between various locations for commercial work. Even with the largest engine and the most expansive cutting deck, the Stander RH can easily fit into tight storage spaces and maneuver around obstacles outdoors.

Technical Specifications Showcase a Powerful Stand-On Mower

The Wright Stander Sport RH mower is available in one of three deck sizes. Entry-level customers, who typically use the mower for residential purposes, will prefer the company’s 36-inch cutting deck. This model features a choice between 18.5-horsepower and 19.0-horsepower Kawasaki engines. Upgraded models with 48-inch or 52-inch cutting decks are also available. Both of these models can only be purchased with the 19-horsepower Kawasaki engine under the hood.

All three Stander models feature a 5.5-gallon fuel tank that will permit several continuous hours of operation without interruption for refueling. The equipment features two blades underneath the deck for the 36-inch model, while the two larger mowers feature a triple blade cutting system. The cutting deck can raise blades as high as 5 inches or as low as a single inch. Depending on cutting deck size and engine type, these stand-on mowers weigh between 765 pounds for the 36-inch model and 890 pounds for the high-end, 52-inch mower.

Extend and Improve the Mower with Wright’s Accessories

Accessories can help the Stander Sport RH mower become even more useful for today’s commercial and residential buyers. The equipment can be paired with several optional operator platforms, which attach to the back of the mower and create a slightly larger area to stand and maneuver the equipment. Wright also sells a number of additional grass collection systems, including a powered grass collector that more effectively removes clippings from the turf and more easily facilitates disposal. The company’s Grass Gobbler can further enhance clipping collection with its continuous airflow and grass packing system.

Shank’s Lawn Has a Full Lineup of Wright Stander Mowers and Parts

Wright’s Stander mowers are some of the most powerful and impressive stand-on models on the market. Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Shank’s Lawn Equipment can help customers throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, who are looking for a Stander RH or the OEM parts that will keep it in great condition. For customers elsewhere, ShanksLawn.com allows for easy location and purchase of OEM parts that will enhance regular maintenance and keep the mower in great condition no matter how it’s used.

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