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Shankslawn_Wright_Stander_LawnmowerWright is a leading manufacturer of landscaping equipment for home and commercial users, and the company’s stand-on mowers are one of its most popular products for those in commercial work. The stand-on mowers combine the best features of walk-behind models, like a tight turning radius, with the power and larger size of the typical lawn tractor. By combining these features, commercial buyers get added value and dependability that can help them drive up their productivity rates even during the longest and most challenging mowing tasks. Wright offers four models of its Stander stand-on mower, each one with its own unique features and benefits.

1. The Stander

Wright’s entry-level stand-on mower is simply known as the Wright Stander. Though all of the company’s stand-on mowers are designed for commercial use, the Stander’s smaller size and more accessible price tag make it a good fit for homeowners who have a large lawn to take care of as well. The equipment comes with a zero-turn radius during use, which means it can capably handle tight spaces, sharp corners, and obstructions anywhere on the turf. At the time of purchase, buyers can choose from cutting deck sizes of 32, 36, 48, 52, or 61 inches.

Despite these increasingly high deck sizes, the Stander is known as one of the most compact stand-on models currently available, and the company proudly advertises that multiple Standers can fit on a single trailer when they need to be halted between jobs. All Stander models come with a Kawasaki engine, with horsepower ranging from 15 to 23.5hp based on deck size and mower weight.

2. The Stander I

The Stander I is another model designed to bridge the gap between conventional models and stand-on alternatives. Known as the “Stander Intensity,” this model features 36, 48, and 52-inch deck sizes. Though more limited in number, these deck sizes represent the most common choices for entry-level commercial landscapers or more advanced homeowners. Only three engines are available with the Stander I, all of them made by Kawasaki. Between 18.5 and 22 horsepower is available based on engine model.

The Intensity model comes with a floating operator platform for less fatigue and greater comfort, and features quarter-inch deck height adjustments for precise and professional mowing results no matter the customer’s preference. Stander I mowers come with an array of intuitive operator controls that make it easy to adjusting mowing preference son the fly, which is often needed when handling expansive areas of turf and the occasional obstruction in the mower’s path.

3. The Stander X

Few stand-on mowers come with a better set of features than Wright’s Stander X, which combines raw power and ground speed with enhanced cutting features for greater precision no matter how expansive the cutting area is. Stander X models come with 48, 52, and 61-inch deck sizes, and several commercial-grade Kawasaki engines based on deck size and overall equipment weight. The Stander X is about more than just cutting width and horsepower, however. The mower also comes with AERO CORE technology that actually works to pull grass upward and give it a more consistent, precise cut than competing models would permit. This ensures a more professional result each and every time the mower is used.

Thanks to Hydro-Gear wheel motors and the powerful Kawasaki engine, the Stander X offers faster ground speeds than the regular Stander or the Stander I model. This allows for quicker cutting, even as mower deck features allow for more precise and professional results. A floating deck and tapered roller bearings both make for a smoother, less fatiguing ride.

4. The Stander ZK

The Stander ZK is marketed as Wright’s most advanced model, and its also one of the company’s largest. The ZK is offered with only 52-inch and 61-inch deck sizes, positioning it as the ultimate choice for commercial landscaper. Its cutting features are as advanced as those found in the Stander X, but this model comes with greater control over deck height, a larger operator deck for greater maneuverability, and a slightly faster land speed when mowing. The Stander ZK performs better on hills than any of the other models, thanks to a 27-horsepower Kawasaki engine. Improved mulching and a larger fuel tank allow for both more efficient and longer-lasting mowing work, with fewer interruptions than the other three models would require.

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