Wright Stander I (Intensity) Mower

Stander IntensityIntense mowing requires a mower that can handle steep hills, challenging and uneven terrain, and extended lawn maintenance for homeowners with big outdoor spaces. Wright has long been a leader in this area, with its Stander series of stand-on mowers that combine the utility and size of a riding model with the compact design of walk-behind lawn mowers that are traditionally used in smaller spaces. The company’s Stander I model is specifically designed to handle steep inclines and uneven terrain, with superior platform adjustment that can accommodate shifts in weight or direction with ease. The mower comes in several different sizes, and packs a number of operator-centric features that make mowing easier, more comfortable, and more productive, in any environment.

Key Features of the Wright Stander I Mower

The name of the game with Wright’s Stander I mower is flexibility, which can easily be seen in the sheer number of options available to customers at the time of purchase. The Stander I can be purchased in one of three deck sizes, and customers can further enhance their model with one of five available engines that range from 18.5 to 22.1-horsepower. That’s an impressive amount of customizability that just doesn’t exist when ordering a stand-on mower from Wright’s closest competitors. In addition to flexibility at the time of purchase, the Stander I also offers a highly precise cutting experience thanks to its unique Aero Core Deck cutting system.

The Aero Core Deck is designed to ensure that grass is standing up straight as the mower passes over. This goal is accomplished by using a unique air intake and pass-through system, which actually blows blades at a high rate of speed and ensures that they’re all standing straight, in alignment, and cut uniformly by the two or three blades housed within the cutting deck. The Aero Core Deck is also designed to shift along with the operator’s weight and any uneven terrain, which further enhances its precise results. Along with Aero Core features, each Wright Stander I cutting deck can be adjusted in quarter-inch intervals so that it cuts grass down to between one and five inches in height.

Mower Specs: Technical Specifications of the Wright Stander I

The Wright Stander I stand-on mower is available in three different deck sizes, which range from relatively compact to commercial-grade. At the entry level, customers can opt for a 36-inch cutting deck that is roughly on par with midsize residential riding mowers and smaller commercial models. Upgraded Stander I models come with a choice between 48-inch and 52-inch cutting decks, both of which will be an asset for customers who have very large outdoor areas to maintain throughout the spring and summer months. These cutting decks are capable of cutting the turf as short as one inch, with incremental adjustments that allow the equipment to cut grass to 5 inches in length. This versatility can help with keeping grass healthy throughout the year, especially during dry spells.

The smaller, 36-inch cutting deck comes with a two-blade cutting system, while the two larger Stander I models opt for a three-blade system that is even more precise and designed for commercial use. All three decks protect blades from harm with 7-guage steel housing that is among the strongest of any stand-on mower currently available. Hydro-Gear supplies the mower’s hydro pumps and wheel motors, while a 5.5-gallon fuel tank supplies the equipment with a long runtime that will minimize interruption during longer tasks. The Stander I is both small in overall footprint and light in overall weight, which means it’s easy to store on a trailer while in transit. The mower can also be easily stored in a smaller toolshed or garage between uses, which is actually a unique feature among traditionally large stand-on mowers.

Customers can pair their Wright Stander I mower with one of five engines, which offer anywhere from 18.5-horsepower to 22.1-horsepower. Generally, the larger engines are most ideally paired with the two larger deck sizes. Even so, the company offers 18.5, 19.0, and 20.2-horsepower engines for use with its 36-inch Stander I model.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has New Stander I Mowers and OEM Parts

Whether it’s a new Wright Stander I mower, or the replacement parts and professional service that keep these impressive pieces of equipment working in like-new condition over the course of many years, ShanksLawn.com is here to help. In addition to new mowers, the site offers a parts lookup tool that can narrow down available OEM replacements by equipment model number, part number, or engine manufacturer, making it easy to select a part that is perfectly compatible with the Stander I and just as durable as the mower itself. Professional service from Shank’s Lawn Equipment can even help fix some of the most serious damage or defects that might plague this model.

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