Woods Snowblower Attachments

woods snowblower attachmentsDo you need to move a lot of snow? Do you have a tractor? Instead of struggling with a small, single-purpose machine, go with an attachment from Woods. They make two-stage snowblowers that work with tractors with as little as 15 horsepower, and their biggest models can clear snow over three feet deep. Which one is right for you?

What Do You Get with a Woods Snow Thrower Attachment?

Most tractor attachments are single-stage, using one auger to pick up snow and push it up through the chute. Woods adds a fan that moves snow through the chute, so the auger only needs to pick up and chop snow. The result is better performance per horsepower. Their design also positions the gearbox behind the housing, increasing auger coverage and reducing clogs. Reinforced steel side plates support the augers and protect the attachment against impacts.

All snowthrowers are ASABE quick hitch compatible. To mount the snowblower, just pull up in front of the attachment, lift the mount points with the hitch, and attach the PTO driveline and any hydraulic or electrical connections. Woods’ TQH1 ASABE quick hitch adapter is compatible with Cat 1 three-point hitches.

Single Snowblower Attachments

These attachments connect to a Cat 3 driveline and are designed for a PTO speed of 540 RPM. The chute has a 270-degree range of motion. It can be aimed manually, or from your tractor’s cab using an optional hydraulic or electric chute rotator.

Woods’ smallest attachment has a 54-inch working width and a 24-inch working height. It can be driven by a tractor making between 15 and 25 HP and connects to a Cat 1 hitch.

This attachment is slightly wider at 64 inches of working width, and it’s compatible with 15 to 35 HP tractors. Otherwise, it has the same features as the SB54S.

This snowblower pairs a 74-inch working width with a 26-inch working height. The SB74S is compatible with 30-50 HP tractors and mounts to both Cat 1 and Cat 2 hitches.

Offering a 10 inch wider working width than the SB74S, this snowblower needs a tractor making between 35 and 60 HP.

Dual Auger Snowblowers

Need to move deep snow? These tractor attachments have two augers stacked vertically, increasing the snow clearing height to 38 inches. They require a tractor with a Cat 4 driveline and a Cat 2 or 3 three-point hitch. Both models will work with a telescoping three-point hitch, making it easier to connect the driveline.

Aside from the tall intake, this attachment has all the same features as Woods’ standard two-stage snowblowers. Working width is 84 inches. It requires a tractor making between 60 and 80 HP.

This attachment is a foot wider than the SS84, but it also brings some features that make it a better fit for large tractors. The SS96-2 comes standard hydraulic chute rotator that moves 200 degrees.
The gearbox is designed to work at both 540 and 1000 RPM PTOs. It’s compatible with 80-150 HP tractors.

With a working width of 108 inches, this is the largest attachment Woods makes. The chute and multi-speed gearbox carry over from the SS96. It works with tractors making between 125 and 175 HP.

We’re Serious about Snow Clearing Equipment

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