Woods Rotary Brooms: Making Pavement Cleanup Easier

Woods Rotary BroomsSometimes, the last bit of cleaning can make a world of difference. Dirt and debris on pavement can lead to cracks, while even a light layer of snow can turn a parking lot into a skating rink. To make pavement cleaning easier, Woods offers rotary brooms as part of their Alitec line of skid steer attachments. Made for lightweight equipment, these brooms make quick work of leaves, snow, and dirt, leaving surfaces clean without causing damage. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right broom for your needs.

What Can I Use These Brooms For?

A rotary broom is a great tool for cleaning concrete and asphalt. The bristles scrub away dirt and soil buildup, as well as surface dirt and exposed vegetation from cracks. A rotary broom is the easiest way to remove moss from pavement. They’re also great for cleanup around construction sites, pushing away or picking up dirt, debris, and stray materials, including screws and nails.

In the winter, rotary brooms can remove the last layer of ice and snow from parking lots and driveways without damaging the pavement. This makes these surfaces safe to drive on while reducing the need for ice melting and traction products. By leaving the last layer of snow and ice for the broom to pick up, you can save significant wear and tear on your other snow moving equipment.

While some companies advertise their rotary brooms for dethatching, you’re better off using a tine dethatcher instead of one of these units. The fine, high-density brush structure that makes these tools great for cleaning will also pull up dirt if used on turf.

Woods makes both angle and pick-up broom attachments. Angle brooms push dirt to the side, making them ideal for cleaning up flat areas. Pick-up brooms draw dirt into a hopper for dumping. These work great for picking up heavy debris. Woods’ pick-up brooms can be fitted with a gutter broom that sweeps dirt out of gutters and away from curbs. All models have an adjustable broom height to keep the bristles in contact with the ground as they wear down.

Angle Brooms

These brooms can rotate 30 degrees left or right using either mechanical or hydraulic power. The broom itself is hydraulically driven, spinning between 100 and 200 RPM during operation.

Woods makes two angle broom models. The AB720-2 has a 72-inch working width when used at a zero degree angle. When turned a full 30 degrees, the broom has a 64-inch working width. The attachment is 82.5 inches wide and weighs 852 lbs. The AB840-2 has an 84-inch working width when used at a zero degree angle. Working width only decreases to 82 inches when the broom is tilted left or right. This attachment is 94.5 inches wide and weighs 915 lbs.

Pick-Up Brooms

These brooms sweep debris back into a hopper that can be dumped like a front bucket. The broom spins at the same 100-200 RPM rate as Woods’ angle brooms, delivering similar cleaning power.

These brooms come in two sizes. The PB600-2 has a 60-inch working width and a total width of 66.6 inches. It comes with a hopper that holds 13.9 cubic feet of debris. This attachment weighs 817 lbs. when empty. The PB720-2 has a 72-inch working width and a total width of 78.6 inches. To accommodate the larger broom, it uses a 16.8 cubic foot hopper. This attachment weighs 925 lbs.

The optional gutter brush attaches on the left or right side of either pick-up broom attachment. It’s powered hydraulically, tapping into the attachment’s built-in fluid lines. As the brush spins, it forces debris into the main brush, which then pushes the debris into the hopper.

Attaching a Broom to Your Skid Loader

All four brooms are hydraulically powered, requiring a connection that can supply fluid at a rate of 12-25 GPM at 3,000 psi. Thanks to their low weight, these attachments are compatible with most small frame skid steers.

To mount a broom, your skid steer needs to be fitted with a flush face quick coupler. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll need to check the owner’s manual to find the right coupler that will work with your loader and connection setup. For most applications, angle brooms will need a different plate depending on whether the angle drive uses a hydraulic or mechanical connection.

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