Woods KLS Log Splitter

WOODS KLS Log Splitter

When you have a lot of wood to split, it seems like the longest part of the job is waiting on the splitter to go through the wood. With the new Woods KLS wood splitter, that wait can all but be eliminated: it uses a kinetic energy system that delivers cycle times that are unheard of with hydraulic systems. Together with features like a wide worktable and an easy to operate lever system, the KLS takes a lot of the effort out of splitting wood.

Splitting with Kinetic Power

In a hydraulic log splitter, the mechanical advantage of the hydraulic system turns the fast movement of the engine into slow moving, high torque power. This method is effective, but it can take up to 15 seconds for the wood to be pushed through the wedge.

With the KLS’s kinetic system, the engine indirectly powers the splitting system. First, the engine spins a pair of 70 lb. flywheels to a speed of 325 RPM. Pull the handle, and these flywheels connect to a gear system, releasing this stored energy in a single burst, pushing the wood through the wedge. It delivers so much force over such a short period that the cycle time is just two to three seconds, roughly 5 to 6 times shorter than an equivalent hydraulic splitter. Faster cycle times also decreases log movement, letting it get clean cuts through crotches and knotted wood.

To ensure this new system would meet the needs of commercial users, Woods sent development units to professional woodcutters across the country, letting them use them over several months. Using their feedback, they were able to refine the design for reliable performance and ease of use.

Easier Maintenance

With no hydraulic system to take care of, maintaining this splitter is easy. There are a few grease fittings and oiling spots that need to be taken care of once a season, and the belt tensioner is marked so you can see at a glance if the belt needs to be replaced.

The KLS is powered by a Kohler SH265 rated at 6.5 hp. Since this motor doesn’t need to constantly drive a hydraulic pump, it uses a lot less fuel than a conventional splitter, reducing operation costs.

Thoughtful Design

A 32 inch wide work table with slanted edges ensures logs won’t roll off when they split, while the lever and safety switch are mounted on the top of the flywheel case, making them easy to reach. Woods designed the work area so it can be used from either side, letting you operate the splitter from the position that makes the most sense for where you’re working. Since the lever isn’t holding the pressure of a hydraulic system, it takes much less effort to move.

Need to move between jobs? The splitter is mounted on a trailer rated for a maximum speed of 45 mph.

Where to Get Parts for the Woods KLS Log Splitter

From maintenance items to major components, you can get everything you need for your KLS from Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for Woods Equipment Company and the manufacturers of their engines, including Kohler. Stop by our shop located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway. That’s in Chambersburg, PA, just a few miles north of Marion. We’re just off Route 11, and you can get here from Interstate 81 by taking Exit 10.

Not a local? We can supply the parts and accessories you need whether you live in the U.S. or Canada. Visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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