Woods HLS3 Three Point Log Splitter

Woods Log SplitterSince Woods Equipment started building wood and brush equipment, customers and dealers have been asking for a tractor-powered log splitter. The new HLS3 delivers on these requests, designed with the power, durability and usability Woods is known for. Since it can be transported and powered by a Category 1 or 2 tractor, it’s easy to position, and has more power than small engine-powered splitters. It’s also quick hitch compatible, making it easy to mount and unmount from your tractor’s three point hitch.

Tractor Compatibility

This splitter is compatible with Cat 1 and Cat 2 three point hitches. This means it will work with most tractors with 20 to 100 hp. Like many of Woods’ attachments, the HLS3 is ASABE quick hitch compatible. Woods offers their own quick hitch adapter, the TQH1, for Cat 1 hitches.

The tractor’s hydraulics need to provide a flow rate between 6 and 20 GPM at 1,500 to 2,500 PSI to operate the cylinder. The hydraulic system also needs a cooling system that can control fluid temperatures under temporary loads. Since the connector size and distance between the hydraulic connections and cylinder can vary widely between tractor models, hoses and couplers need to be sourced separately.


The entire 400 lb. unit is built to be carried by the tractor’s hitch instead of being towed. This makes it easier to transport and maneuver into position than trailer-based splitters. With the beam in the horizontal position, the HLS3 measures 82.5 x 48.2 inches.

Once the splitter is in the work area, it’s lowered to the ground onto three stands. These are adjustable, so you can support the HLS3 on uneven ground. With the beam mounted horizontally, this splitter has a 25-inch working height. Switching between horizontal and vertical use is easy since the tractor can lift the entire unit off of the ground. With the splitter in the air, just remove the square locking pin, tilt the beam, insert the pin, and lower the splitter onto the ground.

Cutting Performance

The HLS3 is built around a 6 x 6-inch high-strength steel beam supported with added steel reinforcements. A 4 x 42-inch stroke cylinder drives the splitter’s 8-inch tall wedge. Running at the cylinder’s maximum capacity of 3,200 PSI at 20 GPM, the cylinder pushes the wedge with 20 tons of force. The HLS3 handles all types and species of wood including wet elm. It also has no problem powering through crotches and knots.

Woods also designed the HLS3 to work fast, cutting total job times. The cylinder has a 13 second cycle time at maximum pressure. Expect the wedge to move a little slower if you have a small tractor. An auto-return valve and a fixed stripper plate separate and remove the cut log while you ready the next piece of wood. The log cradle is built into the beam, making it more durable than stand-alone plates. It handles logs up to 24.5 inches long.

Want to break up logs faster? Woods offers a 4-way wedge to break soft logs apart in fourths, and a log catcher to keep the operator from needing to pick split logs off of the ground.


Woods guarantees the beam for 5 years of residential use or 3 years of commercial use. The hydraulics are guaranteed for two years no matter how this splitter is used.

Work More Efficiently With Help from Shank’s Lawn Equipment

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