Woods Compact Super Seeders

Woods Compact Super SeedersWoods’ Precision Super Seeder line is great for farms looking to seed pasture, but they’re too big for most landscapers and hobby farmers. Fortunately, their new Compact Super Seeders address this problem. They pack most of the features of their precision models in a scaled-down package that works with garden tractors, ATVs and UTVs. It doesn’t just do precise overseeding, it also aerates and it can even till with the right accessories. Sound useful? Here’s what you need to know to see if these seeders are a good fit for your needs.

Putting the “Precision” in “Precision Super Seeder”

At first glance, operating these seeders seems the same as any other automatic seeder on the market. Look under the lid of the seedbox, and you’ll see recommended drop rates. The grass seed rate is controlled by a lever in front of the box, while the legume rate uses a lever behind the box. As these levers move, they slide control rods back and forth. These rods have measurement decals that line up with a large, calibrated pointer.

What makes these seeders different is their calibration mode. Removing a single pin deactivates the drive roller sprocket. This lets you place a calibration tray under the seed box and use a hand crank to dispense seed. Using a food scale and a few calculations, you can measure out exactly how much seed is being dispensed. From there, you can make fine adjustments to lay down exactly as much seed as you need. Seed stop plates can be added to limit the working width of the attachment. This is handy if you don’t want to waste seed by dropping it onto ditches and other obstacles.

Seeding Grass and Legumes for Lawns and Pasture

Both the CSS48 and CSS60 come with a cool-season grass box that holds one bushel of seed. The seeder can be set to drop anywhere from 0 to 700 lbs. of seed per acre. 6 windowed seed cups and clear tubes make it easy to monitor the flow of seeds from the seat of your vehicle.

By adding an optional seed box, these overseeders can plant grass seed and legume seeds in one pass. This combination can be used on pastures to plant annual grasses alongside alfalfa, creating thick lawns for grazing. This can also be used to plant two types of seed, with small seeds like Kentucky Bluegrass going in the legume box. Pulling one pin switches between no seeding, seeding from one box, or seeding from both boxes. The legume box holds one bushel and can drop between 0 and 30 lbs. of seed per acre. Drop rates for both boxes can be set to a 4:1 or 11.3:1 seedbox ratio. These seeders are designed to operate between 2-5 MPH. Since the mechanism is wheel-driven, drop rates are accurate across this range.

More than Just Seeding

As equipped, both models come with spiked rollers that prepare the soil for grass seeding. These rollers both cultipack and create openings for seed penetration. With the seedbox shut off, the rollers can be used to aerate soil.

Super seeders can be fitted with discs in place of the rollers, letting the machine till the soil. Disc angle is adjustable, letting you turn over the surface or aggressively turn over soil. Pairing the discs with a fast/slow chain drive lets you slow down disc speed for better tilling performance.

Equipment Compatibility

From the factory, both the CSS48 and CSS60 can use Cat 1 and Limited Cat 1 three-point hitches found on small tractors. When equipped with optional quick hitch bushings, both attachments ASABE quick hitch compatible.

If you want to use these overseeders with an ATV or UTV, you can add a towing kit. Couple this kit with highway lights, and you can take it on road, towing it between job sites.

The CSS48 is compatible with 15-35 HP tractors and both ATVs and UTVs with a 350cc or larger engine. It has a working width of 48 inches.

The CSS60 is compatible with 20-45 HP tractors and both ATVs and UTVs with a 400cc or larger engine. It has a working width of 60 inches.

We’re Your Lawn Care Equipment Headquarters

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been in business since the mid-80s, providing both residential and commercial customers with the equipment and support they need to maintain their lawns. If you’re looking for a new overseeder, or you need repairs for your Woods equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also check out our current stock and order OEM parts and accessories for your equipment at www.shankslawn.com. Not in the area? We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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