Woods Batwing Mower

Woods Batwing MowerWoods built the first flexwing cutter over 50 years ago, giving landscapers and road workers the tool they needed to mow large sloped areas. While most development on these mowers has concentrated on power, the newest Batwing mowers address their owner’s most common issues and requested features, making this wide area mower attachment easier to use and maintain.

New Sealing Technology

The quickest route to bearing wear and breakdowns is a leaky seal. Add in some gear oil and grass clippings, and you have a recipe for a messy, expensive repair. The new Batwing design brings seals made with new materials to help the seals stand up to heavy use and harsh environments, making them less prone to break down when exposed to UV light, dust and debris. Woods is so confident of their design that all seals are included in the equipment warranty.

Easier Attachment

Connecting to the PTO is an awkward process with any attachment due to the weight of the driveline. To make this easier, Woods added a lift assistance system that supports the driveshaft so you don’t have to lift it while trying to get the splines lined up with the PTO. The shaft rests on a steel roller, making it easy to extend and retract the driveline.

Tougher Deck

There’s no telling what may be hiding under tall grass, so Woods has added some enhancements to help the Batwing withstand impacts from stumps and foreign objects. This starts with steel tubes welded into the corners of the deck, reinforcing the joints between the deck tops and skirts. Baffles are standard, increasing vacuum for better cut quality. These are welded in place so they won’t loosen when subject to jolts and vibration. Heavy-duty steel skid shoes are mounted to the front and sides of the deck, and an integrated chain shield on the front edge of the deck keeps debris from being thrown forward. Side skirts on these decks are a quarter inch thick.

The deck now has curved deck edges makes it easier to maneuver around trees and keep it from getting caught on branches and fence posts, while the top is sloped to keep debris from collecting on top of the mower. Power is transferred from the PTO to the gearbox using a Cat 6 driveshaft, while the spindles connect to the gearbox with Cat 4 driveshafts on .50 and,60 models and Cat 5 shafts on .70 models.

Easier Maintenance

Shaft joins are protected by hinged metal shields that can be flipped up without tools for easy access. Hydraulic hoses are also shielded to prevent tears while still providing access to connectors. Greasable quick-change blade pins on the top side of the deck make it easier to replace blades or remove them for sharpening.

Better Performance

Blade tip speeds can reach 15,000 FPM at 540 RPM and 16,000 FPM at 1,000 RPM. Cutting height can be set anywhere between 2 and15 inches.

The wings can flex up to 90-degrees up and 22-degrees down, helping them hug the ground for a consistent cut. With the wings up, all models have a 96-inch transport width.


Woods makes three models available in two wing 15 and single wing 10 versions.

BW 15.50 and 10.50
45-200 hp PTO
2.5-inch diameter cut capacity
210 hp splitter gearbox
200 hp wing gearbox
Two-inch output shaft

BW 15.60 and 10.60
55-275 hp PTO
4-inch cut capacity
275 hp splitter gearbox
225 hp wing gearbox
Three-inch output shaft

BW 15.70 and 10.70
65-300 hp PTO
4.5-inch cut capacity
275 hp splitter gearbox
225 hp wing gearbox
Three-inch output shaft


These accessories are available on all models:
Double row chain shielding for mowing land covered in thick, woody plant growth
Dual wheels for better support on uneven terrain and lower ground pressure when operating on muddy ground
Rear LED lights add visibility when working near roadways

These accessories fit .60 and .70 models:
The shredding kit adds two blades to cut thick stalks
Deck rings reinforce the spindle mounts to better withstand impacts
Spring axle absorb bumps
Walking tandem axles let the wheels move independently of the deck for better tracking on uneven soil


Woods guarantees all components of their Batwing mowers including the gearbox and seals for 6 years.

Get Professional Service for Your Professional Equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been in business for over three decades, providing professionals with the equipment and support they need to do their jobs. If you’re looking to add a Batwing mower to your collection of equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 and drive one mile East.

We also ship parts and accessories for Woods and many other major brands of lawn care equipment across the US and Canada. To order, visit our website, www.shankslawn.com.

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