Why You Should Choose a BCS Tiller

BCS Tiller Model 718tiller is a piece of equipment that is used to cut into soil and turn the dirt, but it is capable of performing a number of other tasks as well. It can be employed to prepare a garden for replanting by turning older stalks and plant materials and make the soil loose so seeds can germinate with more ease. It can also be used to make furrows for crops like onions or potatoes and once the crops are growing, it can be used to root out weeds that grow around the plants. Tilling between growing plants helps with aeration and draining, which is beneficial for plant growth. For individuals who have their own compost piles, a tiller can be used to turn the material and thoroughly mix it, thus producing organic fertilizer of the highest quality. A tiller can also be used to edge around pathways, sidewalks and around garden areas to create a clean, well maintained look. 

BCS Luigi CastoldiBCS was founded by engineer, Luigi Castoldi, in 1940 and is now the largest manufacturer of gear driven, two wheel tractors, lawn mowers, shredders, tillers and attachments. BCS products are employed in more than fifty countries around the world to pull off a large variety of tasks like tilling, mowing, snow removal, chipping, etc. In North America, many small farmers use the walk behind two-wheel and motorized tractors to fulfill farming and maintenance tasks.

In nearly all of the similar machinery sold in the U.S., power is delivered to the engine from the transmission through a belt. This technology is inefficient as the belt loses roughly 15% of the power during transfer. The BCS tractors and walk-behinds, on the other hand, have eliminated the belt and instead make use of a spring-loaded, double cone clutch to deliver the power to the engine. This method only loses 3% of the power in transition. Since more power is provided to the end tool, the tool is more efficient and it is condensed due to the all-gear system.

BCS Flail MowerThe BCS tiller attachments can be purchased in five sizes from an authorized dealer. The 33 inch wide tiller attachment is ideal for farmers, professional landscapers or home owners with large gardens. By attaching the unit to a tractor, areas of up to five acres can be prepared. There is the option of downsizing the blade to 27 inches for the basic cultivation work. The 26-inch blade is good for preparing seedbeds or tilling landscapes when redoing a yard. This unit is good for garden sizes of one-quarter to half an acre. The blades on this unit can be reduced down to 20 inches. The 18-inch tine tiller is one of the smallest produced by BCS. It is good for removing weeds and aerating soil between beds. Due to the small size, it is not too efficient when it comes to mixing composite. Other models include the 20-inch and 30-inch wide attachments.

BCS tillers are high quality, long-life machines that require minimum maintenance or repair. While they aren’t made cheap, they still offer a great return on your investment. It is not uncommon to find BCS tillers that are twenty years old still being used. The transmission of each unit is protected in precision-made housings that confine gears and shafts created from heat-treated steel. All BCS tillers are designed to be used commercially so they are reliable and give good performance. It is common knowledge that with proper maintenance BCS tillers will require little service and replacement parts.

BCS Tiller Model 712BCS tillers are very adaptable. They eliminate the need to buy different tools for the various seasonal outdoor tasks requiring power equipment. Instead of getting separate tractors for plowing and seeding, all tasks can be combined and carried out by using one tractor with different attachments. This not only saves money, but limits the things that have to be stored and minimizes maintenance. There is a large variety of tillers to choose from like the BCS 712GX-5 rear-time tiller with 160 cc that comes complete with a ring and pinion gear box.

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