Which Honda Snowblower is Right for You?

Honda Snow Blower Two StageIs your current snowblower not cutting it? Do you want something that has more power and better reliability? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Honda snowblower. They make models to cover every need, from sweeping off driveways to clearing large parking lots. Here’s what you need to know to pick a model that will fit your needs.

Single-Stage Snowblowers

These snowblowers use an auger with rubber paddles to scoop up snow and push it through the chute. As they spin, the paddles also pull the machine along the ground, requiring just a little pressure on the handle to move and steer. These machines are perfect for smaller jobs, like clearing driveways and sidewalks.

Honda fits their single-stage snowblowers with their residential grade 190cc GC-Series engine. The auger has a working width of 20 inches, and the housing can scoop up snow up to 12 inches deep. These models can move up to 1,800 lbs. of snow per minute and can propel that snow up to 33 feet away. Honda backs these models with a two-year residential warranty. Honda offers three versions of their single-stage snowblower:

– The HS720AM is the basic model. It has a manual chute.

– The HS720AA adds the Snow Director chute control, which lets the operator aim the chute from the handle.

– The HS720AS comes with the Snow Director and has an electric starter.

Two-Stage Snowblower

A two-stage snowthrower has a steel auger that picks up snow, chopping it up into a fine powder. From there, a fan pushes the snow through the chute. This two-step process improves performance in thick snow and increases throwing distances.

All of Honda’s two-stage snowblowers are built for commercial use. They come with GX-Series engines, and are warrantied for three years of residential or commercial use.

Each design comes in a standard recoil starter version and a “D” model with both an electric starter and a backup recoil starter. An onboard battery powers the starter, so there’s no need to plug the snowblower into an outlet.

Hydrostatic drive comes standard. Unlike geared drive systems, this transmission design has infinite speed adjustment, letting you get just the right clearing speed without having to slow down the engine.

Honda offers most of its two-stage blowers with tracks or wheels. Tracks offer superior traction, making them the best choice if you need to clear snow off the pavement or on sloping surfaces. Wheeled snowblowers are lighter, cheaper and easier to maintain. They’re also a little easier to turn.

All two-stage snowblowers have a 21.7-inch working height. A drift breaker kit can be added to cut tall snow and drop it into the auger housing. Chute angle is controlled by a remote joystick.

198cc engine
24-inch working width
1,500 lbs. of snow per minute
49-foot throwing distance
The AT comes with track drive, while the AW uses wheels.

270cc engine
28-inch working width
1,900 lbs. per minute
52-foot throwing distance
The AT uses track drive, while the AW uses wheel drive.

389 cc engine
32-inch working width
2,750 lbs. per minute
56-foot throwing distance
Honda only offers the HSS1332 with track drive


The HSM1336i is a two-stage snowblower, but its drive system gives this machine better overall performance. Instead of using the engine to directly power both the tracks and the augers, the drive-side end generates electricity. Electric motors turn the tracks, providing more low-end grunt for climbing hills and pushing snow. This drive system also works with the engine off, making this snowblower easy to transport.

The HSM1336i’s iGX engine is based on the GX-Series, but it uses an ECU to control the throttle. This helps the engine respond faster to load changes, so it’s harder to bog down the augers when hitting patches of compacted snow. Of course, electric start comes standard.

The auger has a 36-inch working width and can cut through snow up to 22.8 inches high. At full throttle, it can move 3,000 lbs. of snow per minute. This performance is in line with tractor-based snow moving equipment, without the added cost and weight of using a tractor.

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