Which Bear Cat Log Splitter is Right for You?

thumbWhen it comes to log splitters, you can depend on Echo Bear Cat. They’re known for building equipment that’s high quality and simple to use so you can get the job done faster without any headaches. Which model is right for you?


This log splitter is powered by a Subaru SP170, which has more in common with the engine in your car than it does with engines typically found in small equipment. This 169cc motor uses a chain-driven overhead cam, allowing for better cooling, better flow through the head, higher compression and less noise. A cast iron cylinder wall ensures durability, while the lightweight drivetrain makes it easy to start, even in cold weather.

The 5.7 horsepower motor drives a four gallon hydraulic system that uses Dexron III automatic transmission fluid. This fluid performs great even when it’s below freezing, and replacement fluid is readily available. This allows the cylinder to exert 22 tons of force on the wedge. That’s enough power to go through just about any seasoned log. It can handle logs up to 24 inches long and has a cycle time of 12 seconds.

This model has a 30 inch bed height to reduce bending when using the splitter. It can be used horizontally or vertically, and has wide end plate to keep logs stable. A log stripper blade keeps logs from getting stuck on the wedge, while an engine guard plate protects the motor from falling logs.

The LS22 is mounted on a trailer with 4.8-8 tires with a maximum tow speed of 45 mph. The complete unit weighs 450 lbs. and includes a fold up trailer hitch to reduce the space needed for storage. When folded, this splitter measures 84 x 39 x 40 inches.

Echo Bear Cat warranties this splitter for three years of residential use, one year of commercial use and 6 months of rental use. Subaru warranties this engine for three years of residential use and one year of commercial use.


Like the features of the LS22, but want more power? Everything carries over to the LS27 except the engine and hydraulic system. This model has a 210cc Subaru SP210 engine that produces 7 horsepower and drives a 4.5 gallon hydraulic system. Total splitting force for this model is 27 tons, which should go through all but the largest green wood that will fit on the bed. Cycle time is 14 seconds. The LS27 weighs 5 lbs. more than the LS22 but retains the same dimensions.


The log splitters are great straight from the factory, but they can be made to better fit your needs by adding accessories.

A SenDEC digital gas tachometer lets you keep track of engine speed and hours of operation so you can stay on track with maintenance.

A fender and tail light kit keep the tires from kicking up road debris and add visibility. In some states, this additional lighting may be required to meet traffic laws.

The four way wedge kit replaces the stock wedge with a head that split logs into four chunks with a single pass.

The log cradle keeps the wood from falling to the ground so you don’t have to pick it up each time you split a log.

Where to Get Parts and Accessories for Your Bear Cat Log Splitter

Shanks Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for both Echo Bear Cat equipment and Subaru Industrial Equipment, so we can provide parts and service for your entire splitter. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Route 11, or you can get here from I-81 by taking Exit 10 to Marion.

Not a local? We can still help you keep your Bear Cat equipment running. Visit www.shankslawn.com to order OEM parts and accessories. We can ship anything you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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