Which BCS Tractor is Best for Lawn Care?

The BCS tractor is a compelling option for commercial and residential lawn care. Thanks to its attachment system, you can use one machine to cover several landscaping tasks. Which model is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of lawn care attachments and the tractor models you need to power them.

A Note About Model Names

The higher the number used in your BCS tractor’s model name, the bigger and more capable it is, with one exception: the 660. This hydrostatic drive tractor uses a 16 HP Vanguard V-Twin. This makes it the most powerful tractor in the lineup. The 660 requires a two-bolt 750 bushing to use all the attachments on this list. For other tractors, we’ve noted the accessories you’ll need to connect attachments.

Sickle Bar Mowers

For single-action bars, the 710 and 718 only support 30 and 40-inch bars. You need a 732 or larger tractor for 45-inch bars, and an 852 or larger tractor for 53-inch bars.

The 710 and 781 don’t support dual action bars. You need an 852 or larger tractor for a 71-inch bar. These rules apply to mowing attachments with and without fingers.

Bar transmissions support all bar lengths that use the same action. That way, you can switch between bar lengths based on the job, balancing mowing speed against available space.

Flail Mowers

You can use a 24-inch mower with a 732, but BCS recommends upgrading to 5 x 10-inch wheels for this application. Other bar sizes require at least an 852 tractor.

Brush Mowers

The 21-inch mower works with all models, as long as they have 5 x 10-inch or larger wheels. The 710 and 718 don’t support larger mowers. The 620 doesn’t support mowers wider than 26 inches.

Combo Mower

This attachment works with 732 and larger mowers with 5 x 10 inch or larger wheels.

Lawn Mowers

22-inch mowers work with 620 to 732 tractor models. 38-inch mowers work with 852 and larger tractors with a PTO extension.


This attachment works with 732 and larger attachments.

Mowing Sulky

This attachment works with all tractors except the 710 and 781.


This attachment works with all tractors except the 710 and 781. You’ll need a 750 bushing to use this attachment with the 750 tractors.

Log Splitter

This works with 718 and larger tractors. It requires a power cradle kit and a curved coupler. The 718, 732, 852, and 853 need a short coupler, while other models need a long coupler. You’ll also need a 750 bushing to use this attachment with the 750 tractors.

We’re Your BCS Headquarters

Are you looking to buy one of these versatile tractors? Do you want to add attachments? Shank’s Lawn Equipment always has BCS equipment and parts in stock. We’re also an authorized dealer for Vanguard, Honda, and Kohler, so we can service everything on your tractor. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA to see our tractors and attachments, or check out what we have in stock at www.shankslawn.com. We also ship parts and accessories across the United States and Canada.

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