Wash-N-Clean Commercial Power Washers

Shanks LawnOne of the great things about Wash-N-Clean’s series of industrial power washers is that they don’t shy away form embracing the best equipment on the market. While many companies seek to create their own pumps and engines for use in these demanding environments, the team at Wash-N-Clean has adopted a completely different strategy. The company employs genuine Honda engines in all of its four power washer models, and it uses genuine Comet pumps to get water moving in a way that works for its customers.

Because the company blends its own ingenuity with the hard work of companies like Honda and Comet, buyers can expect a great power washer that will stand the test of time and take care of any need they might have. Furthermore, the four available models work well with any budget and can accommodate virtually any industrial need.

A Look at the Wash-N-Clean Series: Four Models for Every Buyer

Wash-N-Clean currently sells four distinct power washer models to its industrial customers, but there are a few things that unite all four of these models. The first two things are those mentioned earlier: The proud use of Honda’s industrial engines and Comet’s top-rated pumps. Another shared feature of all four power washer models is their relatively lightweight, with even the heaviest of the four options coming in at just 175 pounds.

All four models offered by Wash-N-Clean to its industrial buyers come with large wheels and sturdy tires, paired with a tall handle that works with customers of varying heights. This makes even the heavier models easy to tote around a large warehouse or commercial facility, and the equipment will be right at home outdoors no matter the terrain that surrounds a business’ location.

In addition to the features that unify the company’s extensive lineup of power washers, there are unique features for all four models that make them suitable to different types of buyers and different types of businesses.

Comparing and Contrasting: A Look at the Four Wash-N-Clean Models Available

Generally, Wash-N-Clean offers two power washers that could decidedly be termed “entry-level,” while the company offers two higher-end models that will meet the needs of very demanding industrial customers. For entry-level buyers, the company offers its 5-horsepower and 6.5-horsepower models. The primary differentiator between these two pieces is their use of differing Honda engines, with the horsepower rating coming directly from that engine.

Both models produce 2500PSI during regular operation, though the 6.5-horsepower model comes with slightly better maximum flow ratings. It offers 3.0 gallons per minute, while the slightly less powerful model comes in at just 2.3 gallons per minute. Both power washers are perfect for smaller businesses that don’t need to cut through years of dirt or reach high into the air during any cleaning job, but they may not cut it for larger industrial businesses and warehouse locations.

For those customers, the company’s two higher-powered models are a natural replacement for the entry-level models. A 9-horsepower model offered by the company produces a considerable amount of extra power when compared to entry-level alternatives, all while maintaining a flow level of about 3 gallons per minute. With a 50-foot hose and four nozzles, this power washer is designed for truly larger environments where higher elevations are needed and more power is required to blast persistent dirt and grime into submission.

For truly high-end buyers, the company offers a power washer backed by a 13-horsepower Honda engine. With an improved maximum flow level that tops out at four gallons per minute, and a pressure rating of 3600PSI, it represents the single most powerful option for today’s industrial customers. There is virtually no task out of reach for a power washer with this type of engine and this amount of water pressure.

A Note About the Quality of Wash-N-Clean Equipment

One of the great things about Wash-N-Clean power equipment is that all four of the company’s power washers use Honda parts for the engine and Comet parts for the pump. Both of these brands are widely respected as the most long lasting and reliable currently on the market, and the company has made a point to work with a large network of nationwide retailers that can supply OEM parts for any piece of the machinery in the event of an emergency. This commitment to durability is what sets the brand apart, and industrial buyers would do themselves a favor to consider that aspect of their purchase when comparing additional brands available.

For Power Washers and OEM Parts, Shank’s Lawn Equipment Can Help

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is one of the most seasoned power equipment dealers anywhere in the country, with a broad line of products and even more extensive lineup of OEM replacement parts that can serve Wash-N-Clean power washers, Comet pumps, Honda engines, and more. Be sure to visit the company’s website to learn more about how it can support one of Wash-N-Clean’s excellent power washers.

If you are in the Adams, Cumberland or Franklin County PA area, be sure to get in touch with Shank’s Lawn Equipment right away to find OEM replacement parts, get service tips, and arrange an appointment for any required power washer maintenance.

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