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Vortez Pressure Washer 2Looking to buy a pressure washer? Whether you need a unit for occasional cleaning around the home or one that can handle 12 hour shifts for your business, Vortexx makes something to fit your needs.

Vortexx designs and builds their equipment here in the U.S. Their aluminum carts keep weight low and prevents rust and corrosion. They use a unique “U” shape to protect components from tipping and an extendable handle that slides down for compact storage. The cart has a place for everything, so once the work is done, the hoses and wand can be attached to the unit and moved to the next location.

To ensure dependability, their pressure washers only use professional quality gasoline engines from Honda and electric pressure units from AR. This is further enhanced with custom filtration systems and bypass hoses to protect these powerplants and pumps from dirt, water and heat. Each unit uses a pump co-developed with AR to meet the demands of their buyers.

Homeowner Series

These models offers Vortexx quality in an affordable package.

Engine: GC126
Pump: RMV Series
Power: 2,500 PSI, 2 GPM (5,000 Cleaning Units)
25 foot Easy Coil non-marking hose

Engine: GC190
Pump: RMV Series
Power: 2,700 PSI, 2.5 GPM (6,750 CU)
30 foot Easy Coil non-marking hose

This model adds more power an an upgraded gun assembly.

Prosumer Series

These models bridge the gap between homeowner and professional units, offering upgraded pumps for greater durability.

Prosumer VX20303D
Engine: GX 200
Pump: SJ-XJ Series
Power: 2700 PSI 2.5 GPM (6,750 CU)

This pump uses an upgraded axial pump that can handle increased flow and pressures and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Prosumer+ VX20304D
Engine: GX 200
Pump: RCV Series
Power: 2,750 PSI, 3 GPM (8,250 CU)

This model replaces the axial pump with a professional triplex plunger pump with a solid brass head.

Electric Prosumer
Pressure Unit: AR Blue Clean AR610
Power: 1,350 PSI 1.9 GPM (2,565 CU)

This new model combines Vortexx quality with an A/C pressure unit that can be powered from a household 110v outlet. This washer uses an industry first convertible cart: roll it around where you want, then lift the pump off the cart to place it exactly where you want it.

Professional Line Series

These models pair a Honda GX series with 200 or 390 cc displacement with an AR Triplex plunger pump, but there’s more to these washers than off-the-shelf parts. Cut-outs in the frame offer easy access to oil drains and recoil bolts, while rebuildable unloaders, extra filters, thermal relief valves and three foot long bypass hoses protect the pumps and engines.

Professional 3000
Engine: GX 200
Pump: RCV Series
Power: 2,950 PSI, 3 GPM (8,850 CU)

Professional 4000
Engine: GX 390
Pump: RR Series
Power: 4,000 PSI, 4 GPM (16,000 CU)

Pro+ Gear Drive
Engine: GX 390
Pump: RK Series Gear Reduction
Power: 4,000 PSI, 4 GPM (16,000 CU)

The gear drive on this unit cuts pump speed in half, extending service intervals so this unit can stay on the job.

Pro+ Belt Drive
Engine: GX 390
Pump: RK Series Pump
Power: 4,000 PSI, 4 GPM (16,000 CU)

Want the speed reduction and maintenance intervals of the gear drive without the noise? This belt drive unit has the same 2:1 drive ratio.

Electric Professional
Pressure Unit: AR Blue Clean AR630
Power: 1,900 PSI, 2.1 GPM (3,990 CU)
25 foot Hot Water Ready Easy Coil hose

With just 3,990 CU, the Electric Professional may not seem like a match for the more powerful gas models. However, this model makes up for pressure with temperature: it’s hot water ready, with the capability to pump water as hot as 180 degrees F. This heat increases agitation and melts away grease and oil, making it ideal for equipment cleaning. Like the Prosumer, this unit can be wheeled around on the cart or lifted and carried to the work site.

Where to Buy Vortexx Washer Equipment and Accessories

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized full service dealer for the full line of Vortexx pressure washers, carrying parts, accessories and complete units from the Homeowner to the Pro+. They’re also an OEM dealer for AR pumps and Honda small engine equipment, making them a one stop shop for all your service needs. Looking to buy one of these models, need to have it serviced, or just need to find out more before purchasing one? Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway just off route 11 in Chambersburg, PA. To get there from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

Not in the area? Shank’s has you covered with their website, www.shankslawn.com. They can ship anything you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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