Vortexx Homeowner Pressure Washers

Vortexx Homeowner Pressure WashersLet’s face it: most homeowner and residential equipment isn’t built for a need, it’s built to meet a price point. Nowhere is that more true than pressure washers. Most residential models offer little cleaning power, and their cheap components can start leaking after just a season of use. Fortunately, Vortexx makes pressure washers that fill in this gap between low-quality equipment and pricey commercial washers. Their Homeowner and Prosumer models use the same aluminum frames as their commercial models and come with high-quality components from Honda and AR pumps.

What Makes Vortexx Better?

It starts with the pump design. Instead of the low-quality wobble pumps found in most consumer washers, Vortexx fits their residential models with AR axial pumps. These are a good alternative to commercial triplex pumps, offering a longer service life at a reasonable price. On average, owners can expect to get two to three times as much use from one of these pumps as they would from a wobble pump. These are paired with unloaders that manage pressure shocks from turning the wand on and off, further extending pump life.

These pressure washers use Honda GC and GX Series engines. These are the same engines used in high-end consumer lawnmowers and small professional equipment. Along with Honda’s trademark reliability, both models offer low fuel consumption, easy starting, and low noise, making them pleasant to work with.

Like their professional models, Vortexx builds the frames for these pressure washers by welding aircraft-grade aluminum frame. That means you’ll never have to worry about rust. This frame has integrated holders for the hose and wand as well as Vortexx’s Tow & Stow handle, which folds down out of the way for storage and transport. Large tires make it easy to roll these washers into place to begin work.

Vortexx makes three models suited for everything from household to light commercial work.

Homeowner VX10101D

Power comes from a Honda GC160-QHA, which drive an RMV Series AR Pump RMV2G25D direct drive pump with an AR42118 unloader. Total output is 2,500 PSI at 2 GPM or 5,000 cleaning units.

The gun has a 19-inch lance extension that is compatible with M22 fittings. It connects to the pump with a 25 foot Easy Coil non-marking hose. The Homeowner rides on pneumatic tires.

Homeowner+ VS10202D

Need more power? The Homeowner+ uses a GC190-QHAF engine with an RMV25G30D-EZ pump and AR42118 unloader with thermal valve pump protection. The result is an output of 2,700 PSI at 2.5 GPM (6,750 cleaning units). It comes with a 30-foot hose.

Prosumer VX20303D

Need something powerful enough to handle light commercial use? The Prosumer has some upgrades to make it a good choice for car detailing or occasional professional cleaning tasks.

This starts with the use of a commercial-grade Honda GX200-QX2 engine. AR provides an SJV Series SJV25G27D-F7 axial pump and an AR2858 unloader, Together, this combination pumps out 3 GPM at 2,750 PSI (8,250 cleaning units). The frame rides on foam-filled tires, so you never have to worry about airing them up. A 50-foot hose rounds out the package, giving you extra reach.


Vortexx’s selection of accessories lets you tailor your pressure washer to your needs.

Need more reach? You can upgrade to a 50-foot hose and a longer lance. There are also attachments to make deck and gutter cleanup easier.

Want to spray detergents with your pressure washer? Add a chemical injector kit. How about laying down a thick layer of soap on your car or boat? The turbo foamer attaches to the end of the wand to draw soap directly from its reservoir, creating a wet foam that’s perfect for car wash soap.

Nervous about doing damage when you’re using high-pressure tips? Want a way to get an even spray when covering large areas? The TPL turbo nozzle has a spinning end, creating a spiral pattern of spray. This turns your concentrated spray into a wide stripe that won’t erode surfaces.


The frame is guaranteed by Vortexx for a lifetime, excluding the tires and paint.

AR guarantees the pumps used in these pressure washers for one year.

Honda guarantees the GC-Series for two years of residential use, while the GX is guaranteed for three years. Vortexx fills these engines with Opti-4 oil. If you continue to use this oil, Opti-4 will guarantee the GC Series for another two years and the GX Series for another 3 years.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is More than Just Lawn Care

Shank’s Lawn covers everything in outdoor equipment from walk-behind mowers to pressure washers like these models from Vortexx. If you’re looking for a better pressure washer, want to add some accessories, or need help fixing your equipment, come see us. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. We also ship parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. To see what we offer, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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