Vortexx Cold Water Heavy Duty Pressure Washers: Maximum Reliability for Tough Jobs

Vortexx Cold Water Heavy Duty Pressure Washers: Maximum Reliability for Tough JobsAre you a professional cleaner? Are you looking to add pressure washing to your landscaping business? Do you need to keep a fleet of vehicles clean? If you have demanding jobs, you need a Vortexx pressure washer. Their cold water commercial pressure washers don’t cut corners. From their pumps to their frames, every component is built for maximum reliability, making the best choice for commercial operations.

Why Should I Choose a Vortexx Commercial Washer for My Business?

The most important reason: COOLFLO pump protection. These pressure washers don’t use off-the-shelf pumps. Vortexx works directly with AR’s engineers, adding re-buildable unloaders, extra filters, three-foot bypass hoses, and thermal relief valves to their pumps. Stainless steel quick connectors are used on every connection from the pump to the gun. These modifications reduce or eliminate the most common points of failure. Vortexx guarantees these pumps for 6 years of commercial use, something you will never see from other manufacturers.

Everything is mounted on a one-piece welded aluminum frame. That means you don’t have to worry about corrosion, and there are no frame bolts that will vibrate loose during use. This frame has built-in storage for the hose and wand. There are also cutouts in the frame to drain oil, making maintenance cleaner and easier.

Vortexx’s exclusive tow and stow handle slides out when you need to move the cart, and folds back down to take up less space during transport or storage. All three of these commercial models use foam-filled tires that won’t go flat.



2,950 PSI
8,850 Cleaning Units

The smallest of these commercial models uses a Honda GX200 to power an AR VRT3 triplex plunger pump. This sends water through a 50-foot non-marking hose. The gun handles a maximum of 4,500 PSI and has a 48-inch long lance.


4000 PSI
16,000 Cleaning Units

Look at the GPM and PSI ratings, and you might think that this pressure washer is only about 30% more powerful than the VX3000HD. However, when you put the added flow rate and pressure together, you get almost double the cleaning power.

To deliver this much power, Vortexx pairs a Honda GX390 with an AR RRV Series pump. The VX4000HD comes with a 50-foot Uber-Flex hose by Propulse. This hose is kink and abrasion resistant, and its textured finish reduces surface friction, making it easier to wind, unwind and drag. The gun is rated at 5,100 PSI, and it comes with a 48-inch lance.


4,000 PSI
16,000 Cleaning Units

On the surface, this washer doesn’t seem much different from the HD. The two pressure washers share most of the same components, but the XG has a gear drive that reduces pump speed by 50%. This extends service intervals on the unit’s AR RX Series pump. Otherwise, you get all the same features as the HD, including the Uber-Flex hose.


Vortexx has everything you would expect for your pressure washer. Need a foam lance to lay down cleaning chemicals? What about a surface cleaner for pavement, or a deck cleaner to spread out spray for faster cleaning? Want to use a rotojet or turbo nozzles for quick coverage and less chance of surface damage? What about a longer lance that can reach up high to clean windows and gutters? They have all of those attachments, often with several different size options. They also have a couple of unusual attachments you may want to consider.

The sludge vac turns your pressure washer into a trash pump, moving up to 15 times the rated pump GPM. This lets you use it for everything from cleaning out car wash pits to emptying flooded basements. It uses water flow from the pump to drag along gray water and trash. That means there are no moving parts involved, making it less susceptible to damage than a standard trash pump.

The industrial and professional wet sandblaster kits use water pressure to draw in and mix sand with water. This is as effective as a regular sandblaster, but since the sand is wet, it doesn’t create dust. The industrial sandblaster has the option of using different sizes of tungsten carbide nozzles.

We’re Your Professional Equipment Headquarters

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized dealer for Vortexx, AR Pumps, and Honda Engines. That means we don’t just sell these pressure washers, we can service everything on them. If you’re looking for a new pressure washer, or you want parts or service for your current machine, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

Do you need parts or accessories for your Vortexx pressure washer? Visit us online at www.shankslawn.com. You can order what you need from our website and have it delivered to your door, whether you live in the United States or Canada.

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