Using Your BCS Tractor to Clear Snow

BCS TractorsAt first glance, a BCS tractor may look a tiller, but its attachments let it do so much more. BCS makes a wide range of tools to handle landscaping tasks ranging from pressure washing to mowing, saving the cost of buying multiple machines. You can even put these tractors to work in winter, whether you need to clear deep snowdrifts or get the last layer of ice and snow off of your driveway. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right attachments and accessories for your snow clearing needs.

Single-Stage Snow Thrower

This type of snowblower uses a single auger to pick up snow and push it through the chute. The thrower attachment works best with any type of snow that is 3 to 16 inches deep.

The adjustable skids can be set from 0-2 inches, letting you scrape pavement clean or move snow without picking up gravel. The chute has a long handle that lets the operator swivel it 200 degrees without leaving the tractor. This attachment can throw snow up to 40 feet away.

BCS America offers single-stage snowblowers in 24 and 28-inch widths. These attachments work with any model of tractor equipped with a PTO extension or quick hitch.

Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Need to move snow drifts and heavy accumulation? The two-stage snow thrower can handle snow over 16 inches deep. It has a second impeller that pushes snow through the chute, moving heavy snow further. This attachment has an impeller housing made from 3/8 inch steel and a heavy-duty gearbox to handle commercial use.

That added structure makes this attachment heavy, so BCS includes rollers that can fit in place of the skids for easier transport. Otherwise, this snowblower functions just like the single-stage attachment, down to the operator position chute control. BCS offers a 28-inch width thrower that works with Model 739 and larger tractors. There’s also a 33-inch width model that’s compatible with Model 749 and larger tractors.

Power Sweeper

Snowthrowers can leave paved surfaces with a thin layer of snow that will pack down and turn into ice. If you need dry surfaces that are safe for vehicles and pedestrians, you need a power sweeper. Looking for a way to clear sidewalks? This attachment’s compact size is perfect for the job.

The sweeper works best on dry snow under 8 inches. It’s less effective with wet snow, which will cling to the bristles. The power sweeper is a great compliment to other snow attachments, letting you get the last bit of snow off of the ground. This attachment can also dethatch turf and remove dirt and loose materials, making it useful year-round.

BCS America makes sweepers in 30, 40 and 48-inch widths. These are compatible with all tractor models.

Snow Blade

This blade is a perfect complement to the power sweeper, as it’s designed to remove wet snow and slush up to 5 inches deep. While it may look similar to BCS’s dozer blade, the snow blade’s curved shape makes it better at rolling snow without it sticking to the metal surface. The blade can be set to one of 5 angles, letting you push snow forward or to either side of the tractor. Adjustable skids can lift the blade up to keep it from picking up gravel.

BCS recommends installing wheel weights on your tractor when using this attachment. If you need to remove snow from fragile surfaces, the blade can be fitted with a non-metallic edge.

Tire Chains

Snow moving equipment isn’t effective unless it can move on slick surfaces. That’s why BCS America offers chains that fit all standard wheel and tire sizes. These can be used alone or paired with spider bungees. These bungees create even tension across the chains, increasing their life by up to 25%.

Shank’s Lawn Has Everything You Need for Snow Removal

Does a BCS tractor sound like it fits your needs? Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized dealer for BCS America and the Honda engines that power their tractors, so we offer tractors and attachments as well as the parts and support you need to keep them working. Looking for a stand-alone snow thrower? We’re a certified dealer for several manufacturers including Honda, Troy-Bilt and Cub Cadet. Come visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, or see our current stock on our website, Not in the area? We ship across the United States and Canada.

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