Unique features of the Yanmar 221 Tractor

Yanmar 221

With their diesels dominating the top of the market, there’s no question of Yanmar’s leadership when it comes to small engines. That same expertise that makes their engines the choice of professional landscapers goes into the 221 tractor, letting them design the frame, engine and drivetrain together to work as a unit. The result is something that’s the size of a lawn tractor, but has the features and flexibility of a full-size tractor.

Power, Performance, and Usability

Yanmar is famous for their engines, so it should be no surprise that they use one of their own in the 221. This tractor uses their 21.5 hp three cylinder diesel, an engine that is offered in just about every top end mower and lawn tractor on the market. Since they build the engine, transmission and frame themselves, they were able to design the tractor as a complete package, making sure every part works together to get the best performance and efficiency.

Operation is easy. The hydrostatic transmission is controlled by two pedals: pushing down one moves the tractor forward while pushing the other one moves it backward. That means no fiddling with a gear shift when maneuvering. Pushing dirt or debris into a pile? Moving the tractor back and forth is as simple as rocking your feet. Need more traction? The 221 has selectable four-wheel drive.

Think you need a big tractor to get hydraulic steering? That’s built into this tractor for effort-free steering. Combined with redesigned controls and an improved seat, this is one of the most comfortable tractors in its size class.

The 221’s commercial quality construction comes with a commercial quality guarantee. The engine and drivetrain are covered by a 5 year / 2,500-hour limited warranty, the tractor is covered by a two-year / 2,000-hour warranty, and any manufacturer accessories you buy for your 221 are covered for one year.

Accessories: Tailoring the 221 to Fit Your Needs

Between its compact dimensions and a wide range of tools, the 221 makes a good replacement for a lawn or garden tractor. Want to mow? Get the MLKIT-SA22 linkage kit, and the 221 can use the M60-SAP 60-inch mid-mount deck. Need to do more advanced landscaping? Yanmar offers rotary cutters, tillers, box scrapers, grading scraper, landscape rakes and core aerators. There’s even a snowblower attachment and option hydraulically-actuated chute.

What really sets it apart from standard garden tractors is its ability to handle construction tasks. It can move dirt with the YL110 kit which includes a 48-inch front loader, bucket and grill guard with quick attach system. Need to move even more dirt? Pair the SCV100 control valve with the CL100 curved boom loader with a 60-inch bucket and grill guard. Need a backhoe? That’s not normally an option on a garden tractor, but the 221 can be combined with a subframe kit, a 8 inch or 12-inch bucket, and a mechanical thumb for digging and moving just about anything.

Where to Buy Yanmar Tractors

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is your one stop shop for everything Yanmar from engines to tractors like the 221. They have company-trained staff and a wide range of in-stock parts to get you back to work as soon as possible.

No matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada, Shank’s can ship whatever you need to get the most out of your Yanmar tractor. Just visit their website, shankslawn.com.

Live in South Central Pennsylvania and looking to buy a tractor or need to have one serviced? Their shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off route 11. To get there from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.


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