Turf-Teq Equipment: Commercial Power in a Compact Size

Turf Teq EquipmentWhen it comes to landscaping equipment, there’s a large gap between lightweight residential equipment and tractor-powered equipment intended for professional use. Turf Teq fills that gap with their line of landscaping equipment. By combining a two-wheel tractor chassis with professional quality attachments, these machines work fast while still being able to get into tight spaces.

Attachment or Stand-Alone

The multi-use machine is built around a power unit with a 13 HP Honda GX390 and a hydrostatic transaxle with a locking differential. This gives the machine the power to handle attachments, the traction to climb steep slopes, and a tight turning circle for maneuvering around landscape features. All attachments use the same handle-mounted controls. The hydrostatic transmission is operated with a single lever on the right handle. Closing it against the handle moves the unit forward at speeds up to 4.5 MPH, while pushing the top part engages reverse. Angle and clutch controls are mounted on the left handle. A foot pedal locks and unlocks the differential, making it easy to switch between straight tracking and easy turning.

Turf-Teq doesn’t sell the multi-use machine as a stand-alone unit. Instead, they offer it as an option when buying their equipment. The company also offers stand-alone units built on the same platform as the multi-use machine. By eliminating the attachment system, they’re able to offer their equipment at a lower cost. This is a great option if you rent equipment or only need one tool.

Whether you choose a single use machine or a multi-use machine, Turf Teq offers 5 tool options that let you use their equipment throughout the year.

Power Edger

This is the only self-propelled edger and bed opener on the market that operates while moving forward. This makes it easy for operators to cut a clean line when edging. With a maximum speed of 170 feet per minute when grooming and 150 FPM when cutting, it’s also three times faster than competing edgers.

The power edger is perfect for creating and redefining beds, as well as cutting and contouring edges around beds, sidewalks and tree circles. It also cuts trenches up to 2.5 x 7 inches for installing underground cabling and irrigation lines. The head has 5 inches of blade adjustment, and there are 9 blade profiles available, making it easy to get the exact cut you want.

Power Broom

A power broom is the perfect tool for cleaning dirt off of sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, but it can do so much more. When used on grass, it pulls up thatch. When used on artificial turf, the broom safely lifts matted grass. The brush also gets in between the spaces around pavers, sweeping out debris or depositing sand for finishing. In the winter, the broom can pick up the last bit of snow, stopping the formation of ice.

The rotary broom on this machine is 46 inches wide and 18 inches in diameter. The brush pivots 15 degrees left and right, making it easy to push aside debris.

Power Rake

A 36-inch wide drum lets this rake get into areas that are out of reach for larger tractor-mounted units. Welded carbide teeth can dig and scuff soil for seeding, and the height adjustment allows the drum to be kept above the surface to rake without disturbing the turf. Like the power broom, it can operate at an angle to push rocks and soil around for landscaping. The power rake can also mix soil, windrow, level high spots, dethatch and cut slots in the soil for overseeding.

Brush Cutter

This attachment handles brush and thick vegetation that are too thick for standard mowers. The cutting head slices saplings up to two inches in diameter. It’s surrounded by an 11 gauge steel deck and front bumper that shrugs off impacts with trees, buildings, and fences. This deck mounts 12 inches to the left of the power unit, making it easy to cut around fences and get close trees without having to dodge branches.

Power Plow

The oscillating plow blade follows surface contours to pick up the maximum amount of material. This blade can handle snow up to one foot deep, and it works great for grading gravel and leveling soil. An auto-resetting trip spring keeps the plow from striking pavement, protecting the operator and preventing damage to pavement edges.

Get the Power You Need for Professional Landscaping

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized dealer for Turf Teq and Honda Engines, so we can provide you with complete parts and support you need for your equipment. If you’re looking to add to your lawn care arsenal, or you need help with your current equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

We also ship OEM parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. If you need something for your machine, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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