Troy-Bilt Snowblowers: Built For Every Snow Clearing Situation

Troy-Bilt Snowblowers: Built For Every Snow Clearing SituationAre you looking for a better way to move snow from your property? Troy-Bilt makes a range of snowblowers including everything from small single-stage machines for clearing driveways to big two and three-stage snow throwers that can cut through the deepest, heaviest snow. With features like heated grips and powered steering systems, they’re some of the easiest, most effective snowblowers on the market. Here’s what you need to know to find the machine that will fit your needs.


This line of single-stage snowblowers makes it easy to clear snow from your driveway. They can handle snow up to 6 inches deep and have a 21-inch working width.

Troy Bilt makes 5 models, letting you choose between three engine sizes. The 208EX adds headlights, while the XP comes with headlights, a remote chute control, and a three-year warranty. All other models come with Troy-Bilt’s standard two-year warranty.


These may be Troy Bilt’s most basic two-stage snow throwers, but they come well equipped.
The Touch ‘n Turn power steering system sends power to the wheels independently. That means you can send power to just one wheel to help you make turns. The drive system is designed to be engaged with one hand, freeing up the other hand for using the chute control on the move. 6 forward and two reverse gears make it easy to get the right speed to clear snow quickly without getting bogged down.

There are 8 models to choose from, letting you choose a working width of 24, 26, 38 or 30 inches. The 2410, 2460, 2860, and 2890 come with electric starters. The 2460, 2860, 2890 use airless tires, decreasing maintenance. XP models come with a three-year warranty. The maximum intake height for all Storm snowblowers is 21 inches.


When you need to move heavy snow, getting a larger snowblower only does so much. The Vortex solves this problem by using a three-stage system collection system. After the main auger picks up the snow, a central accelerator auger chops it up, making it easier for the chute auger to launch it away from the cleared area.

The Vortex comes with the same Touch ‘n Turn drive system as the Storm, and heated grips are standard on both models. The 2490 has a 24-inch working width, while the 2890 has a 28-inch working width. Like the Storm, the Vortex has a 21-inch intake height.

Storm Tracker

This series delivers the power of a Storm snow thrower with the increased traction of a track drive. Troy Bilt’s D-tracks provide 50% more ground contact, improving performance on steep grades. It also makes the machine more stable when using the auger in its highest position to clear gravel. A three-position lever shifts the snowblower’s position forward and back on the tracks, giving you even better traction on uneven surfaces and when moving heavy snow.

The Storm Tracker has all the same features as a Storm, plus standard heated grips. The 2690 XP has a 26-inch working width and a 3-year warranty, while the 2890 has a 28-inch working width and a two-year warranty. Both models come with electric starters.

Arctic Storm

These are Troy-Bilt’s biggest, most powerful snowblowers, capable of cutting through snow up to 23 inches deep. The Arctic Storm comes with all of Troy-Bilt’s snowblower features including heated grips and electric start, as well as the XP 3-year warranty. Models are available in 30 and 34-inch clearing widths.

FLEX Snow Thrower Attachment

A snowblower is just one of several attachments Troy-Bilt FLEX power base. By using the same engine and frame for multiple attachments, you can get landscaping tools for the entire year at a much lower cost than buying stand-alone equipment.

Between the attachment’s 26 clearing width and the power bases’ 208cc engine, this combo delivers performance that’s similar to the Storm 2690XP. Due to its easy connect design, this attachment does not have a remote chute control.

Shank’s Lawn Has Everything You Need for Snow Cleanup

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