Troy-Bilt Bronco CRT Overview

Want a small tiller that isn’t small on power? The Bronco CRT uses Troy-Bilt’s Bolo tines to get the most effective ground cutting performance from its engine. That means faster, more even soil preparation to prepare soil on the first pass.

Power By Troy-Bilt

The Bronco CRT uses Troy-Bilt’s own 208cc OHV engine. The company designed it for top performance in walk-behind equipment, and it has proven its durability in a wide range of devices from chipper/shredders to snow blowers. Along with ample power, this motor can start on the first or second pull, and has a surprisingly low amount of vibration for a single cylinder.

Better Tines for Better Performance

This tiller uses Troy-Bilt’s patented Bolo tines. Instead of a single cutting face, there are three different edges on each tine, and each of these edges has been fine-tuned for a different job: the first edge bites into and digs the soil, the second edge chops the soil into smaller pieces, and the third edge buries the softened soil back into the ground. This innovation means the Bronco can cut and process soil more efficiently, doing more work with less power. It also works great on a wide range of soils and compost, delivering reliable results in all soil conditions.

The tines on the CRT are 10 inches in diameter, allowing the tiller to dig up to 6 inches deep. It drives four sets of these tines for a total tilling width of 14 inches.

Easier to Use than its Power Suggests

The “CRT” in this model’s name stands for “counter rotating.” With the tine assemblies moving in opposite directions to each other, the soil is moved around for more processing, and forward thrust is decreased. In other words, the tiller will pull itself along the ground, but it doesn’t require a death grip to keep it in line.

11 x 4 inch agricultural tires let the tiller float above the ground, whether it’s being moved by the tines or the operator. An adjustable handle makes it comfortable to use for operators with a wide range of heights.

Built to Last

Troy-Bilt covers the entire Bronco CRT aside from the tines and transmission with a two year limited warranty.

The transmission uses a unique cast iron case with bronze gear drives. Troy-Bilt is so confident in its reliability that it’s guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty.

The tines are heat treated to resist chipping and denting when they strike rocks and other obstacles, and they’re self sharpening to ensure consistent performance with low maintenance. While the life of a tine depends on usage conditions, their design ensures maximum durability.

Where to Get Parts and Accessories For the Bronco CRT

If you have this tiller or anything else from Troy-Bilt, you can get parts and service from Shanks Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for the brand, and we’ve been serving the South Central PA area for over 30 years. Stop by our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off of Rt. 11. If you’re driving in from out of town, just take Exit 10 to Marion from I-81.

Not in the area? We can still help you with parts, even if you live in Canada. Just visit our website,

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