Things to Ask When Shopping for a Honda Push Mower

There are many factors that need to be considered when trying to decide on a purchase of a Honda mower. Convenience, comfort, features, performance, and cutting ability are all highly important considerations that warrant research and thought. 


Honda offers different levels of speed control. The most basic is the push model, designated in the model name by PDA or PDK. Simply turn the motor on and control the speed by pushing the mower. Self-propelled models are the next step up, designated by, VKA, VYA, HXA, HYA, and HZA. Honda offers three different types of self-propelled mowers, single speed, Smart Drive®, and cruise control with hydrostatic transmission. When the lever is activated on a single speed model the mower will accelerate and maintain its top speed and when released the mower will come to a stop. Smart Drive® mowers feature a paddle lever that can be controlled by either hand. The speed is controlled by how far the paddle is depressed. Certain Smart Drive® mowers are capable of reaching speeds of four miles per hour. Mowers with the hydro static cruise control function use a lever to adjust the speed to the operators preferred pace. Most models with cruise control are capable of reaching speeds up to four miles per hour.


Certain Honda mowers have the ability to shred leaves, mulch, bag cuttings, or discard cuttings. All Honda mowers with the exception of the HRC series use Honda’s OHC Premium Residential Engine. The HRC series uses Honda’s OHV Commercial Grade Engine.


The HRX mower series features Honda’s trademarked Versamow System featuring the ability to switch between all four methods without the need to add any attachments or tools. They also have the capability of capturing the mulch in a bag for later use. All HRX series models use the GCV190 engine, have seven adjustable cutting lengths between 0.75” to 4”, and use twin, micro-cut blades. All HRX models use a recoil starting system except the HRX217HZA which uses electric start-up with a recoil backup starting system. The HRX217HZA and HRX217HYA both feature cruise control technology while the HRX217VKA uses Smart Drive®.


The HRR series comes with the capability to bag cuttings, mulch, or discard cuttings. A leaf shredding attachment is sold separately. All HRR series mowers use the GCV160 engine, featuring six different adjustable cutting settings that vary from 1 1/8” to 4”, use twin, QuadraCut System blades, and use a recoil starting system. The HRR216VYA and HRR216VKA models use Smart Drive® while the HRR216 is a push mower.


The HRS series offers the ability to mulch and discard cuttings out the side of the mower. The HRS216HDA is a push mower using the GCV160 engine while the HRS216SDA is a single-speed (2.5 mph) self-propelled mower using the GCV160 engine. Both models use the recoil starting system, feature six adjustable cutting settings that vary from 1” to 3.5”, and use a single blade.


The HRC series allows mulching, side-discard mulching, and mulch bagging. The HRC216PDA is a push mower that uses the GSV160 engine while the HRC216HXA is a self-propelled model with cruise control technology and uses the GXV160 engine. Both models use the recoil starting system, feature eight adjustable cutting settings that vary from 0.75” to 4”, and use twin, micro-cut blades.


In conclusion, the HRX series offers maximum convenience, comfort, features, and top-of-the-line performance. The HRR series strikes an excellent balance between cost-effectiveness and a wide variety of features. The HRS series offers reliability and performance at a budget price. The HRC series is the only one with commercial grade engines, the lowest and highest cut height, and the most adjustable cutting settings. This series features a tough and durable motor suitable for commercial cutters.


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