The Top 5 Pieces of Outdoor Power Equipment for a Beautiful Lawn

When maintaining your lawn, the types of tools and power equipment you use are important. You always want to work smarter rather than harder, so consider what you will need before beginning your projects.

Lawn Mower

It all starts with the lawn mower. You will first want to consider your needs. Do you have a large lawn or just a small area to mow? If you have a large area to cover, you may want to consider a riding lawn mower or a garden tractor. You will want to consider the width of the deck if you will be using it in smaller sections or passing through a gate. The comfort of the seat and steering wheel are also important factors to consider.

If you prefer a push mower, then the simplicity of a self-propelled mower would be a good choice. This type of mower can sometimes be heavier to lift than the traditional push mower, but it is so much easier to control while mowing. This type of mower is easy to push and safe to operate. Deck size is also important when choosing the proper push mower for your needs.

Weed Trimmer

A weed trimmer is important for trimming weeds and excess growth of grass in areas that are impossible to reach with your mower. You can choose a hand-held string trimmer for reaching under decks or in between shrubs where stubborn weeds and grass often grow. If you are trimming near a fence line or along the side of a building, you might want to consider using a stringed trimmer with wheels to easily form a straight line.

Lawn Edger

After the mowing and the trimming is complete, you will want to make straight edges along your walk and driveway. The edger can also be used to keep your flower beds looking sleek and elegant. When choosing the proper edger, consider the areas to be maintained as well as the depth of the cut to determine the size of the blade. An easy to maneuver guide wheel and a strong shield to keep you safe from debris are also other things to look for when choosing the proper edger.

Hedge Trimmers

You will want to keep your hedges trimmed and cut back at least twice a year. Choosing the proper hedge trimmers will make the job simple. Consider where your hedges are located and the amount of space needed to get behind and around them. You might want to consider hedge trimmers with a rotating arm to get into those hard to reach places. You will also want to examine the area for the blade size and shaft length. Comfort grip handles are an important feature that you will want to look for when choosing the proper hedge trimmers for your job.


When the job is complete, you will need to clean up the messes you made from the mowing, blowing and trimming. Consider the areas that need to be cleaned and the amount of time it will take you. Will you want a hand-held blower or a backpack style blower? In either case you will want to think about comfort. Consider the size of a hand-held blower along with the weight and wrist comfort. How much power will it give you for the work you need to do?

With a backpack blower, you will want to consider the weight on your back. Look for a blower that provides padded shoulder straps and back rest. Just like the hand held blower, you will want to consider the amount of power it will give for the amount of work that needs to be done.

Where can you buy your lawn equipment, parts, and accessories?

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