The Quick and Dirty Guide to Trimming and Edging Around Landscape Features

Edging around landscaping features

Edging and trimming are the finishing touches that really create the final clean cut look for any lawn.  To get your lawn looking professionally manicured, it is important that you are using the correct equipment for the job, and that you have a plan for how to go about the process.  Here are a few tips and hints to make your trimming and edging easier to maintain.

Buy the Right Equipment

There are dozens of trimmers and edgers on the market.  For many people, cost and storage are significant factors in the equipment buying process.  Trimmers can be found anywhere from $40 up to $300 depending on whether you want an electric or gas model.  While electric models are lightweight and easy to use, they also have limited range and power.  Gas powered trimmers tend to provide more reliability but cost a little more.  Edgers also come in several different blade types with varying price levels.  However, for someone looking to accomplish both trimming and edging on a budget, there are trimmers that come with a rotating head to allow for vertical edging operations as well.

Trim and Edge First

To cut down on the amount of cleanup you have to do after you finish your lawn, consider doing your edging and trimming before you mow instead of after.  A large portion of the clippings from these tasks will end up on top of your lawn, meaning that your mower can pick them up later, saving you from having to clean them up yourself.

Keep Things Even

One of the biggest challenges of edging and trimming is that there is no guide helping you to monitor the height of your cut.  The goal is to stick to the same height that your mower was set at so your grass is cut evenly all the way across.  The tendency to dip too low and scalp around the edges will leave you with dry and unhealthy spots along the border of your lawn where they are very apparent.  Instead, start high and make multiple passes if you have to in order to get the desired cut.  Don’t cut too much off at once.

Be Careful Around Trees and Lawn Ornaments

While edgers come with very sharp blades that can obviously damage anything on the ground, trimmers should not be ignored when it comes to safety.  The nylon strings that whip around can sling debris and have been known to cut through denim and other materials.  They are also prone to cutting through the soft bark of your trees and shrubs if you get too close, causing damage to plants that can be hard to recover from. Decks, fences, and even concrete edging can be damaged by edgers and trimmers, and will also wear down the blades or strings of your equipment very quickly.  Use guards and other safety accessories to get the close cuts you need without risking damage or injury.

Where to Buy Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Accessories

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