The New Woods Turfkeeper Pro Finish Mower

Do you need to clear a lot of land with a better finish than what you can get with a brush mower? Woods’ new Turfkeeper Pro finish mower decks give your tractor the ability to cut fields of grass in no time. Thanks to their deep shells and high lift blades, they can trim and mulch like a standard tractor, so you can get a great finish with one pass. 

Cutting Performance 

The Turfkeeper Pro has features normally reserved for residential mowers. These decks come with high lift blades, plus low lift and mulching blades as well, giving you the choice between fast cuts or fast absorption of clippings back into the soil. The deck is almost 5 ½ inches deep, so there’s plenty of space in the mowing chamber to trim down clippings after the initial cut. The deck is only one inch wider than the total cutting width, maximizing coverage, even around fences and other obstacles. 

The Turfkeeper Pro uses a rear discharge design, spreading out trimmings across the width of the deck. This helps break down mulch and doesn’t leave unsightly clumps behind. Cutting height ranges between 1.5 and 5 inches. 

Built for Durability and Easy Maintenance 

To strengthen the constructed deck shell, Woods added parallel side frames. These add rigidity without increasing the deck’s overall width. A built-in driveline holder keeps the deck’s driveshaft from resting on the ground. It also makes positioning easier when you attach the deck to your tractor. 

The top deck shield is held on by large knobs that can be removed by hand, removing the need for need tools to inspect the belts or spindles. The drive pulleys use cast iron sheaves that reduce belt slip. This increases the life of the already tough Aramid-reinforced belts used on the Turfkeeper. The spring-actuated belt tensioner uses a replaceable ball-bearing pivot, further increasing its service life. 

 Essentials Needed to Use a Turfkeeper Pro Deck 

Depending on the model, you will need a tractor with a CAT 1 or Limited CAT 1 three-point hitch. These decks are also CAT 1 quick hitch ready, requiring no additional hardware. The Turfkeeper uses a floating lower hitch, so there’s no downward pressure placed on the tractor. Cutting height is set by swapping out spacers on the caster arms. 

All three models are designed for PTO’s with up to 50 HP. The smallest deck only needs 15 HP at the PTO. All versions of the Turfkeeper Pro use a CAT 3 driveline. 


Woods offers two ways to upgrade your finish mowing deck: 

Adding chain shielding to the rear of the deck slows exiting debris. This prevents rocks and other hidden obstacles from turning into high-speed projectiles. 

The caster wheels do well on their own navigating terrain. However, if you’re cutting in an unusually hilly area, you can add a front roller to the deck. This pushes the nose up as it approaches inclines, which keeps the deck from scalping the soil. 



  • Compatible with Cat 1 and Limited Cat 1 three-point hitches 
  • 60-inch cutting width 
  • 15-50 PTO HP 


  • Compatible with Cat 1 three-point hitches 
  • 72-inch cutting width 
  • 20-50 PTO HP 


  • Compatible with Cat 1 three-point hitches 
  • 84-inch cutting width 
  • 25-50 PTO HP 


Woods offers a 6-year warranty on the gearbox and a three-year warranty on the spindles. The rest of the mower is guaranteed for one year. 

We’re Serious About Outdoor Equipment 

When you depend on your equipment for your landscaping business, you need to visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We have over 35 years of experience selling and repairing commercial-grade equipment, including Woods attachments and Yanmar tractors. If you’re looking for a finish mower, or you need parts and service for your equipment, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81. 

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