The New Snowdog Advance and Pro: Great Alternatives to ATVs and Snowmobiles

Do you want a vehicle for snow and ice, but can’t find anything that quite does what you need it to do? Maybe what you need is a Snowdog. This motorized sled lets you pull trailers over winter terrain, giving you plenty of space for cargo and people. They’re also a fraction of the price of comparable UTVs, and they’re narrow enough for single track trails. With Snowdog’s new Advance and Pro models, you get more power, better hill climbing and greater comfort. They’re also the first Snowdogs to get a reverse gear, making them easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Snowdog Advance
The Advance comes in two models that offer more standard features than the Snowdog Standard or Compact.

Utility B13 MER
This new model comes with a 13.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. An LED headlight, electric starter and disc brakes come standard. This sled is 24 inches wide, making it as narrow as the standard Snowdog. The Utility can tow up to 440 lbs.

Sport B13 MER
This model adds to the features of the Utility. It comes with heated handles, hand guards, a 12 volt accessory socket and a plastic box trunk. This model is also wider than the Utility at 31 inches, increasing storage space while helping shield the operator from wind and snow. The Sport B13 can tow up to 440 lbs.

Snowdog Pro
While the Pro models are based on the same chassis as the Advance, they come with features that make them ideal for heavy loads and difficult terrain.

Long Track B13 MER
This model is built to handle deep snow. It comes standard with Snowdog’s trolley suspension, and a high output 6 diode LED headlight. The track is 20 inches wide, and 131 inches long. This added length spreads out the weight of the sled, helping it float over snow. The Long Track comes with a cargo box that has 3 cubic feet of storage space. Like the Advance Sport, it comes with heated grips and hand guards. It can tow up to 550 lbs.

Twin Track V14 MER
The twin track is built for power. It comes with a Vanguard 408cc engine, and replaces the CVT with agearbox that has low and reverse gears. The two 15 inch wide tracks come fitted with the trolley suspension, giving this machine the grip to go up 35 degree inclines. This model comes with heated grips and hand protectors. It can tow up to 660 lbs.

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