The New Echo CS-3510 Chainsaw: Consumer Performance Without Compromises

Echo CS-3510 ChainsawMost of us aren’t arborers or lumberjacks, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck using terrible consumer-grade chainsaws. The new Echo CS-3510 chainsaw is aimed at the consumer market, but it comes with a lot of the features that make their pro chainsaws great to use. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a saw for occasional use for home cleanup, cut firewood for camping, or manage small trees and branches.


The CS-3510 follows in the footsteps of the CS-4510, utilizing new design features to reduce weight and deliver more power than its predecessor, the CS-352. According to Echo, owners can expect 20% better cutting performance, 12% more power and a weight reduction of over half a pound compared to the chainsaw it replaces.

The CS-3510 is powered by a new 34.4cc commercial grade two-stroke engine. It uses Echo’s i-30 starter, which has a spring assist to reduce starting effort by 30%. The handle is mounted on a three point spring system, helping separate it from the vibrations coming from the engine and chain. The CS-3510 has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, tipping the scales at just 8.2 lbs. without the bar and chain. Expect a complete chainsaw with fuel and oil to weigh two to three pounds more.

While the CS-352 is compatible with 14 and 16-inch bars, the CS-3510 only works with a 16-inch bar. This chainsaw has enough power for cutting down small to medium sized trees. It’s also good for light firewood cutting, pruning, thinning, and general lawn and storm cleanup. Thanks to its compact size, it also makes a great camp saw, making quick work out of chopping firewood or cleaning up branches on the trail.


The CS-3510 has a 7.8 oz. bar oil tank and a 9.5 oz. fuel tank. Both tanks are translucent, so you can check the amount of fluid in them at a glance. The oiler isn’t adjustable, but it uses an automatic clutch drive. This drive only lubricates the chain when it’s in motion, reducing bar oil consumption.

A new air injection air cleaner reduces maintenance by separating out large dust before air reaches the filter. This saw has toolless filter access thanks to a cover held down by two metal tabs. Fuel line replacement is easy, too. The line has a fixed grommet, so you know the line is reaching the bottom of the tank when you install it. You can expect Echo will release YouCan maintenance kits for this chainsaw soon. These include all the parts you need for common repairs, including tune ups and fuel system rebuilds.

The bolts for the bar and the chain tensioner are next to each other underneath a side cover. This makes it easier to replace the bar and chain. These are both positioned away from the exhaust, so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself if you need to work on this saw shortly after using it.

The air purge bulb, choke and off switch are mounted on the back side of the engine cover, next to handle. The choke automatically disengages when the throttle is used, keeping you from leaving the choke on when you make your first cut. The ignition switch is spring-loaded, so you’ll never crank the engine with the ignition off, flooding the engine.


The Echo CS-3510 is guaranteed for one year of commercial use, or 5 years of residential use.

When You Need Help with Chainsaws, Talk to the Experts

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