The New Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro Mower

The new Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro has everything you want from a lawn tractor. Thanks to a complete redesign, this model line has a shorter turning circle, a more comfortable seating position, and a better selection of decks. The new XT2 series also add several small improvements that make these mowers one of the easiest to maintain. 

Standout Features 

Power is supplied by Kawasaki FR Series engines. Though aimed at the residential market, the FR series is based on the company’s commercial engines. Each model in the series has a full pressure lubrication system and cast-iron cylinder liners for durability, as well as a rotating grass screen to help keep the engine clean and cool. The torque curve for these engines is almost flat, making it hard to bog down. 

All models in the XT2 series come with an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. These batteries use cells made of lead plates coiled between fiberglass mats. This increases the plate density, adds shock absorption, and prevents battery acid spills. The result is a battery with a longer life, faster charging period, withstands vibrations better, and is safer to transport than a regular plate battery. 

Cub Cadet only offers fabricated AeroForce decks on these models. They’re made by welding together thick steel sheets, making them better at shrugging off impacts. Internal baffles increase vacuum, delivering a cut quality on par with weaker stamped decks. A spring-assisted lever lets the operator change the cutting height from the seat. The deck can be set from a height of one to four inches, with a total of 12 settings within that range. Some models come with FastAttach, a blade mounting system that allows blades to be removed and installed without tools. 

This new lawn tractor line has improved ergonomics, including a new steering wheel and an adjustable spring-mounted seat with bolsters to help the operator stay in place while mowing on steep hills. Better wheel bearings help the XT2 roll smoothly, while a redesigned front axle increases maximum wheel angle, resulting in a 16-inch turning radius. 

All models use Tuff Torque hydrostatic transmissions. Speed is controlled with a foot lever, and it can be set using built-in cruise control. Top speed for all models is 5.5 MPH. LED headlights come standard, offering excellent visibility in low light conditions. 


Cub Cadet makes 6 versions of the XT2 Enduro. 

  • LX42: 18 HP, 42-inch deck 
  • LX 46: 21.5 HP, 46-inch deck 
  • SLX54: 21.5 HP, 52-inch deck with FastAttach 
  • SLX50: 21.5 HP, 50-inch deck with FastAttach 
  • GX54 D: 24 HP, 52-inch deck with FastAttach 
  • GX50: 23 HP, 50-inch deck with FastAttach 


While these are great mowers on their own, the XT2 series can be outfitted with accessories that let them tackle common landscaping tasks – ranging from leaf collection to snow removal. 

Want more cutting options? There’s a double bagger collection system for leaf and clipping pickup, as well as a mulching kit that includes baffles and high lift blades. Add a rear sprayer, and you can apply herbicides, pesticides, and liquid fertilizer. 

Want a machine you can use in winter? Cub Cadet makes a 42-inch snowblower for these models. It uses the company’s three-stage system, which adds an impeller to break up chunks of snow before it’s pushed through the chute. You can also install a snow cab for weather protection while you’re clearing snow. Suitcase weights and tire chains are available for more stability and traction. 

Want weather protection in the summer? Cub Cadet offers two designs of sun shades. 

Do you mow around trees and bushes? You can protect your mower’s front end by installing a brush guard. 

Want to move materials with your XT2? Cub Cadet’s hauler trailer has foldable sides, converting it as a bucket for loose materials, or as a flatbed for maximum space. There’s also a rear cargo bed that attaches to the rear hitch, so you can haul supplies without maneuvering a trailer. 


Kawasaki guarantees their FR Series engines for three years. 

Cub Cadet offers a 5-year limited warranty on the frame and front axle, a lifetime warranty on deck shell, and a three-year warranty with unlimited hours for the rest of the mower. These guarantees are for residential use only. 

When You Need Help with Your Equipment, Visit Shank’s 

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than just a Cub Cadet dealer. We have over 35 years of experience helping local residential and commercial customers with their mowers and outdoor equipment. If you need a new mower, or you need help fixing your current lawn tractor, come visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81. 

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