Summer Lawn Care Tips

Do you feel like your lawn isn’t looking its best? These tips will help you keep your grass green and thick this summer.

Keep Your Grass Tall

Taller grass blades support deeper root growth, which helps the grass reach the water. It also shades the ground, reducing evaporation and heat. Try to keep grass varieties near their height limit, and only mow up to 1/3 of the grass’s length at a time.

Know When to Mow

The best time to cut grass is in the evening. This lets the grass recover overnight when the ground is coolest, reducing plant stress and moisture loss.

It’s never a good idea to mow after it rains. Your mower can compact wet soil, and the conditions are perfect for spreading fungal diseases. Check the shape of the grass. If the blades are standing straight, they aren’t weighted down with water. At this point, it’s safe to mow.

Mulch Your Grass

If you bag your grass clippings, you’re taking nutrients away from your soil. Mulching your clippings lets your lawn reabsorb nutrients, and it supports microbe growth. A healthy microbe population digests thatch, so it doesn’t get too thick.

Make sure you’re using the correct blades for mulching. High lift blades blow clippings up into the mowing chamber, allowing them to be cut repeatedly until they’re small enough for mulching. Some mowers use blades that work for both mulching and bagging, but side discharge blades don’t deliver the lift required for multiple cuts.

Water Your Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn from going into hibernation, keep the soil moist down to a depth of 4-6 inches. Watering between 6 and 10 am keeps the water from evaporating before it’s absorbed into the soil. Watering less frequently encourages deep root growth, which helps your lawn resist droughts.

Keep Your Blade Sharp

A dull blade doesn’t cut grass. It rips it. This stresses the plant and opens up a place for infections to take hold. If your grass has jagged ends after you mow, your blades need to be sharpened.

Is Your Lawn Turning Brown? Let it.

When summer temperatures reach their peak, less rainfall and high temperatures keep grass from getting the nutrients it needs. This forces the grass into hibernation, which shuts down the plant’s functions to conserve energy. Don’t try to water your lawn to turn it green again. If the lawn goes into hibernation a second time, it may not survive.

Spot Treat Weeds

If weeds are showing up on your lawn, it’s too late to apply pre-emergent herbicides. Instead, stick to post-emergent treatments that you apply directly to weeds. This kills them off while doing minimal damage to the surrounding grass.

Take it Easy on Your lawn

Now is not the time to fertilize or treat widespread insect and weed infestations. Your lawn is stressed from the heat, making it more susceptible to burning and poisoning. Likewise, you should avoid aerating and dethatching your lawn, unless compaction and thatch are severe.

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