Shindaiwa’s New Edger and Trimmers

Shindaiwa’s New Edger and TrimmersEach year, manufactures gather at the GIE+ Expo to show off the latest in landscaping equipment, from handheld devices to the largest commercial mowers This year, Shindaiwa came to the show with two new trimmers and a new edger, delivering higher performance, lower weight, and better ergonomics.

T302 String Trimmer

This new trimmer is built to deliver maximum power while keeping weight in check. That starts with a professional grade 30.5 cc two-stroke engine that produces 1.8 horsepower surrounded by a lightweight magnesium fan housing. Power is sent to the cutting head via a flex cable drive to limit vibration, while a 1.62:1 reduction gear increases torque output to cut through thick grass. A bellows intake makes the engine easier to start when hot.

Both the loop front handle and rear throttle handle have over-molded grips to shield the operator from vibration. A small profile shield further reduces weight; as equipped, the T302 tips the scales at just 13.7 lbs. As equipped from the factory, this trimmer has a 20-inch wide cutting swath.

Available accessories include kits to turn the T302 into a pole pruner, power broom, or brushcutter. The brushcutter kit comes with a bicycle handle for easier control. Shindaiwa also offers high capacity manual heads and heavy-duty fixed line heads for string trimming.

T262 String Trimmer

This small trimmer shares many of the design features of the T302. It has the same 20-inch cutting swath, small profile shield and loop handle, but it’s powered by a smaller 25.4 cc two-stroke engine. A Speed-Feed 400 head comes standard and is designed for Shindaiwa’s own 0.095-inch Silentwist spiral line. The aerodynamic shape of this line decreases wind resistance, improving fuel efficiency. As equipped, this string trimmer weighs just 12.4 lbs.

The T262 can be used for a variety of lawn cleanup duties thanks to a long list of accessories. Shindaiwa offers kits to convert the trimmer into a hedge trimmer, pole pruner, powered broom, and brushcutter. The standard head can also be swapped out with a heavy-duty fixed line head for cutting thick grass.

LE262 Edger

This edger uses the same 25.4 cc two-stroke as the T262 and weighs in at just 12.8 lbs. Since it’s built specifically for edging instead of adapting a string trimmer design, Shindaiwa was able to add features that make it more effective and easier to use. The flex cable drive allows the LE262 to use a curved shaft for clear sight lines and better ergonomics. Captive wheel mount hardware makes it easy to adjust wheel height, and since it can’t be removed, there’s no chance of losing the nut or washer when moving the wheel. A powder-coated aluminum debris shield deflects pebbles and other debris thrown up by the blade, while an extended skid plate lasts longer than standard blades. The drive has a 2:1 ratio gear case for added torque to cut through overgrown grass and compacted dirt.


Like all Shindaiwa products, these new machines are covered for 5 years of consumer use or two years of commercial use. The flex drive cable comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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