Shindaiwa PS344 – PowerBroom Overview

ps344_290x230Shindaiwa Equipment is a leading producer of equipment that easily straddles the line between commercial and residential. Compact equipment options like the PS344 PowerBroom are an example of this commitment. On its own, the PowerBroom presents a sturdy, compact handle and engine that connect to various types of paddle brooms. These brooms can be used to clear away dust and debris on a home’s sidewalks, or they can be used to clear away construction dirt and more industrial messes in commercial settings. The PS344 benefits from a powerful 2/4-stroke engine, easy customization, and a compact form factor that makes it easy to store for weeks at a time in a small garage or tool shed. Before selecting this model, however, it’s worth reviewing a few of its key features and specifications.

Shindaiwa PS344 – PowerBroom – A Powerful 2/4-Stroke Engine to Get the Job Done

One of the goals of the PS344 PowerBroom, according to Shindaiwa Equipment itself, is to make sure that equipment owners can get the job done quickly and efficiently in all seasons. The biggest variable in the mix, at least as far as efficiency, is the engine. This PowerBroom model comes with a 34cc 2/4-stroke engine that outpaces the competition. The engine’s compact size keeps the PowerBroom light and easy to use, but its raw power helps to spin an impressive array of broom extensions and add-ons for all types of terrain. For homeowners and commercial customers who want to make sure that their broom can handle the deepest crevices and the most challenging surface materials, this engine is the right fit.

A Solid Steel Drive Shaft for Maximum Durability

PowerBrooms absorb a lot of shocks as they work through walkways and paved surfaces, which could cause significant damage to the handle and drive shaft if the right materials aren’t used. Luckily, Shindaiwa Equipment’s PS344 PowerBroom uses a solid steel drive shaft that benefits from rigid, versatile construction. The drive shaft is able to withstand surface shocks and jolts on even the most challenging terrain, all without bending, corroding, or cracking. That means the PS344 works well in all weather conditions, on all surfaces, and with a variety of rotating broom attachments that provide excellent versatility to equipment owners.

Attachment Flexibility to Handle Any Surface

While the PowerBroom is perhaps most associated with clearing dirt and debris away from sidewalks and roadways, those two places aren’t the only ones that can benefit from the PS344. In fact, the PowerBroom works with four different types of broom paddle attachments, ranging from rather soft to very rigid. For this reason, the equipment can be used even on golf courses, where the ground is far less durable than a driveway or sidewalk. Equipment owners simply choose the proper broom attachment and paddle material for their needs.

Light, Long-Lasting, and Easy to Store

The dry weight of a Shindaiwa Equipment PS33 PowerBroom is just 22.2 pounds, which means this model is exceedingly easy to lift, carry, and maneuver, in any environment. The fuel tank adds a bit of weight, with a total capacity of 23.7 fluid ounces, but this is weight worth having. After all, this is enough fuel for several hours of continuous work that won’t need to be interrupted for refueling or other maintenance tasks. When the job is all done, the PS344 can be detached from brooms and paddles, making storage in a small area easy for homeowners and commercial customers alike.

Great Accessories Make the PS344 PowerBroom a No-Brainer

Excellent features and engine specifications are just the beginning for this impressive broom. Shindaiwa Equipment also offers a wide variety of broom attachments and other accessories that help the equipment get the job done on different terrains and in different seasons. Perhaps the most popular accessory item is the nylon brush, which attaches to the PowerBroom and cleans deep into sidewalk and walkway crevices. Other accessories offer enhanced broom performance for different terrains, including 12-fin rubber paddles and an “aggressive” nylon brush. Debris shields, safety gear, and lubricants are also available specifically for the PS344 PowerBroom.

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