Shindaiwa Multi-Tool Accessories

ps344_290x230Sometimes you have a job that needs doing, but you don’t need to do it often enough to justify a dedicated tool. That’s why Shindaiwa offers the Multi-Tool, a powerplant and shaft that works with a wide range of add-ons that are built with the same quality as their stand-alone units. These accessories let you use your M242 or M254 for a wide range of common landscaping tasks.


multi-trimmer-head_shdw_65001-(1)This attachment uses Shindaiwa’s own Speed-Feed 375 head. Its small design is a perfect fit for small displacement engine like those found in the Multi-Tool, but it still has the same easy-to-load system found on their purpose-built trimmers and brushcutters. How easy is it? There’s no need to take apart the head to put in new line: Just line up the eyelets with the arrows on the head, feed in some line, and twist a knob to wind it up on the spool. That means faster changes with no tangling and no lost parts.


multi-tool-attach-4_shdw_65003-(1)Need something stronger than trimmer line to cut down heavy underbrush? This professional grade head uses a massive three tooth blade to go through the thickest grass and weeds.

Articulated Hedge Trimmer

SBA-AHS_R_78703-(1)With 10 positions of articulation, the head on this trimmer can be positioned to give a comfortable operation position in any condition, while a 20 inch bar makes quick work of brush and bushes. The standard trimmer comes with a 28 inch shaft, but Shindaiwa also offers a mid-reach version that brings total length from 48 to 33 inches for trimming in tight spaces.


multi-tool-attach-3_shdw_80264_400x400-(1)The rubber paddles on this motorized broom can move gravel, mulch and other debris off of any paved surface, but they’re gentle enough to use on turf without damaging the grass. Want to get rid of pine needles and leaves on your lawn? This is the perfect tool for the job.

Lawn Edger

An 8 inch steel blade digs deep for sharp edges, while an open-face shield and a single rear wheel makes it easy to position for a clean finish.

Pole Pruner

Need to cut up high? This pruner couples a 10 inch long chainsaw bar with a 58 inch shaft to reach distant limbs.

Need to cut close to the ground? Like the hedge trimmer, Shindaiwa also offers a mid-reach version. It has the same 10 inch bar, but a shorter shaft gives the unit an overall length of just 19 inches, making it ideal for trimming bushes and small trees or cutting limbs off of a downed tree.


The tiller attachment has a gear case with a 42:1 reduction, multiplying torque to cut through the toughest soil. Thanks to the shape of the blades, they can be used with the leading edges out for cutting through hard dirt or with the edges in for weeding and turning soft soil. Either way, this attachment cuts a 6.5 inch wide swath, leaving the dirt ready for gardening.

Where to Buy Shindaiwa Accessories and Parts

Shanks Lawn Equipment is a Shindaiwa Signature Elite dealer. That means they go well beyond simply carrying Shindaiwa equipment: their staff has training from the company for both recommending and servicing their products, and they keep a wide range of parts on hand to ensure fast, trouble-free service. Looking to buy an accessory for your Multi-Tool or need to have it serviced? Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway just off route 11 in Chambersburg, PA. To get there from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion, or visit them online at Not in the area? They can ship accessories to to any address in the U.S. and Canada, and you still get the same level of service you’d expect from their shop.

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