Shindaiwa Chainsaws: A Great Choice for Hobbyists and Professionals

While Echo may be more famous for chainsaws, their parent company, Shindaiwa, also makes some great saws of their own. Which one is right for you?
What Do You Get with a Shindaiwa Chainsaw?
Every Shindaiwa is designed for commercial duty. They aren’t just durable, they’re also easy to maintain. The air filter can be accessed without tools, and the chain adjuster is mounted on the side for quick tension changes. Their “Youcan” maintenance kits have all the parts you need for scheduled maintenance and common repairs, including tune-ups and fuel line replacements.
All engines used in these chainsaws are traditional two-strokes. Shindaiwa uses upgraded professional engines in their larger saws. These use better air filtration systems for a longer service life.
All chainsaws are backed by a one year warranty for commercial users, while residential users are protected for 5 years.
This compact saw tips the scales at 8.8 lbs. without the bar and chain. The 30.5cc engine comes with Shindaiwa’s i-30 starting system, which has a secondary spring built into the recoil starter. This helps kick the engine over, even on slow pulls. The 305 is compatible with 14-inch bars.
Want more power without adding weight? The 340S has a 34cc engine and can use a 16-inch bar. Otherwise, it’s identical to the 305S, down to the weight.
This model is targeted at arborists, balancing weight and power to minimize strain over the work day. The top handle has a palm rest, and both handles are positioned to keep the hands in a natural position. This reduces hand and wrist fatigue.
The 358TS has a 35.8 cc professional grade engine and can be used with a 14 or 16-inch bar. It weighs 8 lbs.
This is Shindaiwa’s value professional chainsaw. It has a 40.2cc professional grade engine with an i-30 starter. The G-Force pre-cleaner uses centrifugal force to push large dirt particles out of the air box before they reach the filter, extending service intervals
The 402S can use a 16 or 18-inch bar. It weighs 10.1 lbs.
At first glance, the 491S seems like it’s just a beefed-up 402S. It comes with a 50.2cc engine, and it supports a 16, 18 or 20 inch bar. It also comes with a G-force pre-cleaner. However, you also get a dual post chain brake and a chrome-plated cylinder to extend the saw’s service life. A magnesium crankcase that helps keep weight down to 10.6 lbs.
This big saw is made specifically for cutting firewood The massive 59.8 cc engine give the 591 the power to run an 18 or 20-inch bar. A decompression valve makes the engine easier to turn over, while a G-force pre-filter and two-piece air filter protects the motor from excessive wear. The 591 has a translucent fuel tank, letting you check the level at a glance. It weighs 13.2 lbs.
Like the 591, but want more power? Tuning and gearing changes give the 600SX the power to run 20, 24 and 27-inch bars, while dual bumper spikes make it easier to control. It weighs 13.7 lbs.
Whether You’re a Pro or Hobbyist, Shank’s Has the Equipment and Support You Need
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