Shindaiwa Brushcutter Series Overview

Shindaiwa BrushcutterAre you looking for an all-in-one tool for taking care of undergrowth? Shindaiwa’s line of brushcutters offers a wide range of engine and blade options for cutting anything from grass to young trees.

What do you get with a Shindaiwa Brushcutter?


Every model uses a commercial grade engine with an electronic ignition ignition system. Power is transferred to the cutting head via a solid steel driveshaft for durability. The head itself is surrounded by a newly redesigned debris shield that offers better coverage for safer operation.

The unit is positioned using a wide bicycle-style handlebar with rubber padding and controls on the right grip. Its weight is supported by a standard harness, but the company also offers a Pro Harness that uses hip and should pads to better distribute weight for long periods of operation.

Cutting Options

All of Shindaiwa’s brushcutters come with a Speed-Feed head. Why is it called “Speed-Feed?” Here’s how you load one of these heads:

– Twist the cover until the eyelet lines up with the arrow on the top of the head.
– Feed 20 feet of line through the eyelet.
– Twist the knob on top of the trimmer head to wind up the line.

There’s no need to take apart the head or mess with a spindle, which means faster, tangle-free changes.

These brushcutters also come with all the hardware needed to use blades instead of line. Shindaiwa offers four compatible options:
– A reversible 9 inch four tooth blade
– A 10 inch three tooth blade
– An 8 inch heavy duty blade
– A 9 inch maximum duty blade

What is 2/4 Stroke Technology?

Two of Shindaiwa’s four brushcutter models use “2/4 stroke” engines. This is a hybrid design that integrates features of both types of motors.

Like a 2 stroke, these engines use an oil/fuel mixture that passes through the crankcase on the way to the combustion chamber, fully lubricating internal components. That means it stays fully lubricated no matter what angle the engine is operated in, and it doesn’t need frequent oil changes like a small 4 stroke engine. It also keeps weight down to 2-stroke levels.

However, the combustion cycle is 4 stroke. That means the combustion chamber is fully sealed when the fuel/air mixture is ignited, burning more fuel. This gives it the wide powerband and low emissions of a 4 stroke, and since the combustion chamber is sealed during ignition, it’s much quieter. Fuel consumption is better, too, running around 10-25% lower than an equivalent 2 stroke. It’s also very easy to start thanks to automatic decompression system.

The Models

Which model is right for you? It’s a matter of making a choice between powerplants, cutting swath and weight.

23.9cc 2 stroke
12.6 lbs. dry weight
15 in cutting swath

28.9cc 2 stroke engine
15.7 lbs. dry weight
15 in cutting swath

24.5 cc 2/4 stroke engine
13.2 lbs. dry weight
20 inch cutting swath

34cc 2/4 stroke engine
15.6 lb. dry weight
20 inch cutting swatch


Where to Buy Shindaiwa Accessories and Parts


Shank’s Lawn Equipment is Shindaiwa Signature Elite certified, making them one of the top dealers in the country for Shindaiwa, Echo and Bear Cat equipment. Their staff has training from the company for both recommending and servicing the company’s products, and they keep a wide range of parts in stock for quick service. Live in Pennsylvania and looking to buy a Brushcutter or need to have one serviced? Their shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway just off route 11 in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off I-81 via Exit 10 to Marion. Not in the area? You can still get the same level of service by visiting their website, They can ship parts and accessories to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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