Selection Guide for Honda Generators

Honda EB 5000 GeneratorHonda generators come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, with uses that vary from recreational to industrial. Picking the right generator can often be a complex task, though, especially for homeowners who are new to the marketplace and simply are not sure how to best meet their needs. By considering a few unique qualities of each generator, it’s easy to pick the one that will provide the best combination of power and peace of mind in every situation.Choosing the Best Generator: Things to Consider When Buying

Choosing the right generator is no easy task, but with a few considerations ahead of time, it can be made quite a bit simpler. Before heading out to a local power equipment store to pick up a generator, consider the following qualities that will differentiate each model.

1. Intended Use

Most generators have an intended use. Generally, Honda splits its generator products into three distinct categories. The first is generally intended for recreational purposes, like camping and other pursuits in the great outdoors. These generators are very small and they’re intended only to power the limited functions of an RV. They’re a good buy for frequent campers, but they’re not a good idea for homeowners who will need power in the event of a blackout.

For those customers, Honda’s home and business generators will be more appropriate. Honda’s home generators can power everything from refrigerators and furnaces to the lights in every room of the home. So, too, can the company’s industrial models. Those models, are generally targeted to businesses where louder noise is not a problem and very large equipment must be powered during an emergency.

2. Noise, Power Output, and Run-time

Be sure to consider a generator that fits within three important requirements: noise, power output, and its overall run-time. Many generators can run for several hours at a time, often powering equipment for six to twelve hours before they need refueling. With greater fuel efficiency, those generators will run longer before needing attention by the equipment owner. The power output will be a big part of fuel efficiency, as well, determining how long the generator can run and how many of the home’s rooms or furnishings can be powered by a single model.

Be sure that any generator meets the home’s power needs and doesn’t produce too much noise when in use. Look at run-time and fuel efficiency ratings, too, to avoid repeated trips outside to refuel the equipment.

3. Transportation and Startup

Finally, convenience is another factor which users should consider when deciding on a new Honda Generator. Many generators come with dollies or carts that allow them to be wheeled around a home or job site. Others feature push-button start or easy pull-chains for use by homeowners. No matter which model ends up making the cut, be sure that it’s as easy to use and transport as it is to enjoy when a blackout does occur. This will save plenty of headaches and frustration during an emergency, especially if it involves extreme weather.

OEM Parts: The Key to a Generator that Lasts

Even though there are many things that separate Honda’s generator models from each other, there is one concern that is the same for each model the company sells: The pursuit of OEM parts. OEM, which stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” is the key way to make sure that all parts needed are made by Honda in its own facilities. Often, off-brand parts are subject to inferior quality control and compatibility checks, which means that they might not last as long in many cases. In others, they simply may not work at all. That’s a risk that isn’t worth taking, and the use of OEM parts will eliminate it entirely.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is the Right Choice for Honda Generator Buyers

A company as big as Honda offers plenty of places to buy generators and replacement parts, but none are as good as Shank’s Lawn. The company has been selling Honda generators and other power equipment to the South Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland area for quite some time. Since 1984, Shank’s Lawn has given their customers expert service, an enjoyable buying experience, and a very large selection of OEM replacement parts.

Further enhancing the company‚Äôs position is its easy-to-use online parts lookup tool. Whether by equipment type, model number, or part number, customers can find the exact OEM part for their needs by simply navigating a few drop-down menus and narrowing down the company’s part selection. In just a few minutes, Shank’s Lawn Equipment will display the right parts for the job, eliminating all other hassles and leading to a quick repair.

For the best shopping experience in pursuit of Honda generators and other power equipment, look no further than the seasoned professionals at Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Their commitment to their customers is unsurpassed.

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