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Scag_Giant VacOutdoor cleanup is hard work, but the various equipment options sold by Scag help to make it just a bit easier. The company is a leading manufacturer of outdoor renovation, mowing, and cleanup equipment, and its various leaf blowers, vacuums, and truck loaders, all help residential and commercial customers finish the cleanup ahead of schedule. Several models are available in each of the company’s key cleanup categories, which makes it a bit easier to find the right model in terms of overall power, capacity, outdoor square footage, and value.

Scag Leaf Blowers: A Great Place to Start

When fall foliage starts to come down at a record pace, or even when a severe storm has brought leaves the ground in a hurry, one of the easiest ways to start cleaning up the mess is with a leaf blower. Scag’s wheeled models are a nice upgrade from the conventional handheld model, however, and offer greater power and quicker cleanup work as a result. The company splits its wheeled leaf blowers into three molds, differentiated primarily by size and overall velocity:

– Classic Leaf Blower

The Scag Classic leaf blower is designed as an entry-level wheeled model for homeowners with smaller areas to handle throughout the year. The equipment comes with a 1,392 CFM rating for quick cleanup, and features a 15-inch, 4-blade system that maximizes air speed no matter the task at hand. The equipment is still compact enough to be stored in the typical garage, however, without taking too much room from the mower or the car.

– Extreme Leaf Blower

The Extreme model ups the ante for bigger cleanup jobs and quicker results. The blade system is upgraded to a 6-blade, 15-inch variant, producing up to 2,293 CFM. The Extreme leaf blower is noticeably lager, but still compact enough to fit into tight spaces.

– Extreme Pro Leaf Blower

The Extreme Pro is Scag’s highest-end blower for homeowners who need to manage a seriously large amount of space or debris. The equipment comes with a 17-inch, 6-blade impeller, making it the largest of the three available models. It also features a more than 26-square-inch housing and produces up to 2,824 CFM for quick work in wide-open areas.

Consider Easing Outdoor Cleanup with Scag Yard Vacuums

While leaf blowers are essential when moving debris and grouping it together for disposal, some homeowners simply want to remove it form the lawn entirely without adding a bunch of extra work to be completed at the end of the job. That’s where a yard vacuum comes in. Instead of moving the debris somewhere else for cleanup later, the vacuum simply removes the debris from the lawn entirely. The Scag Giant-Vac model comes with a 5.5-horsepower Subaru engine, four large wheels with thin tires for maximum stability, and a four-blade system with a 14.25-inch impeller. The equipment has an eight-bushel debris bag for maximum storage of clippings, foliage, and other items, and this ensures maximum productivity without a frequent need to empty the bag and start over.

For operator comfort, the Giant-Vac comes with a fully adjustable handle that can easily match the height of the person using the vacuum. The handle itself has an ergonomic design that works with the angle of the arms when engaged in two-handed push operation. This reduces stress on the wrists and elbows, and greatly reduces the risk of a repetitive stress injury, general operator fatigue, or muscle soreness.

Get Heavy-Duty Cleanup On Track with Scag’s Truck Loaders

When it comes to handling downed limbs and other significant types of debris, nothing gets the job done quite like a truck loader. Scag offers just such a truck loader as part of its comprehensive outdoor cleanup commitment. The Giant-Vac truck loader can be purchased in several variations, including a tow-behind model for use with most pickup trucks, skid-mounted models for more industrial uses, or models that are mounted on the truck itself.

To handle larger debris, the truck loader comes with either 20-inch or 25-inch impeller blades, paired with an engine that ranges from 18 horsepower to 48 horsepower. Customers can choose the engine based on the type of truck loader they need, its relative size, and its capacity for handling larger debris around the home or in commercial settings.

Visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment for Scag Parts, Products, and Accessories

Located conveniently along I-81 between Greencastle and Chambersburg, Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries the full lineup of Scag blowers, vacuums, and truck loaders, which make fall cleanup and year-round lawn maintenance much easier to finish. Shank’s Lawn Equipment also carries an extensive lineup of Scag OEM replacement parts, which can be found on There, an online parts filtering tool allows OEM replacements to be filtered by equipment type, part number, model number, and engine manufacturer, to allow efficient repair and replacement throughout the year.

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